Annotated Bibliography – Marty Bell

1. List of Players Linked to Steroids & HGH

Summary: Steroids have been a problem in baseball for a while. The article provides a list of the players who have been suspended for, admitted to, and tested positive for steroid use. There is a summary for each player whether they were on the Mitchell report, admitted to using steroids, or were suspended for abuse. It gives the reader an understanding of each specific case.

How I intend to use: I plan on using this information to show the reader that steroids are already being used by many athletes regardless of it being illegal. This will help to prove that making steroids legal is just evening the playing field for the athletes that follow the rules. This being because it at least gives those who follow the rules the choice to take steroids and try to reach the level of the athletes that have been cheating all along. I could also use this source to provide a specific player’s case to make the essay more personal.

2. The Possible Effect of Steroids on Home Run Production

Summary: Taking anabolic steroids increase muscle mass. It proves the relationship between increased muscle mass and increased bat speed. It then ties increased bat speed into increased batted ball speed. To conclude it shows how batted ball speed directly correlates to home run production.

How I intend to use: I intend on using this source to prove what some may say is obvious; steroids increase the bat speed and hitting power of an individual. This will in result more home runs being hit. Everyone knows that viewers like big hits and home runs. Showing that steroids increase home run productions will prove that steroids increase interest in the game. With the details this source provides on how exactly steroids help increase home runs it will allow me to refute the argument that steroids don’t cause more home runs.

3.  Long-term anabolic steroid use may weaken heart more than previously thought

Summary: There are negative effects of using steroids. The article shows that the left ventricle is weaker in those who use steroids. The left ventricle is the hearts main pumping chamber. It describes the significant link between steroid use and heart impairment.

How I intend to use: Even though I am trying to prove that steroids should be legal in sports I will acknowledge the opposing argument. I will show a possible negative outcome of using steroids. This will provide the reader with a more complete understanding of steroids. Knowing the negative side along with the positive side will allow the reader to decide which is the better argument.

4. Don’t Inject

Summary: There is numerous dangers when using  dirty needles. Dirty needles are a huge cause of spreading infections and diseases. Dirty needles account for a third of all reported AIDs cases. There also the reason most people who use needles long-term get hepatitis C.

How I intend to use: I will use this article to prove my point that legalizing steroids is safer than the current state of steroids. I will explain how athletes who want steroids will use them regardless and it is unsafe for them to inject them on their own. I’ll use this source to explain that making steroids legal and allowing doctors to be the ones to administer the steroids to the athletes is the safest. Even though taking steroids is not always safe it’s clear that some professional athletes are fine with risking their health for more money and improved abilities. Though making it legal will not make taking steroids completely safe it will at least make it much safer than before.

5. Mark McGwire

Summary: Ticket sales went up when Mark McGwire signed a three-year contract with the St.Louis Cardinals. The next year the Cardinals added 600,000 ticket sales. In the 1998 season, the Cardinal’s broke their record for most fans in a season with 3.22 million fans. By acquiring McGwire and the attendance rising from the 1997 to 1998 season he produced about 5.5 million dollars in revenue.

How I intend to use: I will use this article on Mark McGwire to show that steroid’s benefit Major League Baseball. It has been admitted by Mark McGwire himself that he used steroids. Mark McGwire increasing the ticket sales shows that steroids will actually bring baseball more fans and a higher profit. This will help prove my argument that home runs bring more fans to baseball.  I will provide this as a specific example of the positive effect of allowing steroids in baseball.

6. Do Steroids Give A Shot in the Arm?

Summary: Steroids effect pitchers negatively in some ways. Pitchers taking steroids could be harmful to their performance and health. It explains how pitchers are constantly using explosive movements, so gaining more muscle mass quickly could be detrimental to pitching. It also says that even on steroids pitchers are only likely to gain about 2 mph on their fastball which is not much.

How I intend to use: I will use this article to help get my point across that steroids will not help pitchers like it helps hitters. It will help me prove that steroids will increase home run production, contrary to what some critics say about pitchers taking steroids washes out batters taking steroids.

7. Steroids Have Not Killed Pro Baseball: They Have Actually Given It Life-Support

Summary: Refutes the argument that steroids are killing baseball. It describes specific players who used steroids actually helped baseball. It claims steroids have actually helped baseball by bringing more attention to it. The article then goes on about how baseball took a back seat to football in popularity until steroids have helped it regain some popularity.

How I intend to use: I can use this article to respond to the argument that steroids are hurting baseball. It will help me enforce my point that steroids have helped and would help baseball if they were legal. Providing information on how steroids have helped baseball regain popularity will prove my point that steroids are beneficial to Major League Baseball.

8. Steroids Improve Hand / Eye Coordination, Ability to Hit Baseball

Summary: Steroids help hand-eye coordination, which make it easier to make contact with the baseball. It takes the specific the case of Ken Caminiti, admitted to taking steroids during his MVP season, and shows how steroids helped him hit the ball more often.

How I intend to use: I can use this article to add to the proof of how steroids help hitters. It will also give proof that taking steroids will not only help the big home run hitters but also the contact hitters. This means that I will have evidence of steroids benefiting all hitters.

9. Steroids for Pitchers

Summary: There is some ways that pitchers benefit from taking anabolic steroids. Steroids will help with the recovery of pitchers. It will allow pitcher to pitch more often with out getting hurt. Steroids will increase a pitcher’s endurance. The article gives a background to why pitchers use steroids.

How I intend to use: I will use this article to describe how steroids help pitchers in some ways. It give the reader more details to the aspects of baseball that anabolic steroids help. Showing that steroids help pitchers, not only batters, may help convince readers who like the pitching more than hitting that steroids are good for baseball.

10. Why baseball players use steroids

Summary: Baseball players use steroids for numerous reasons. It shows how people with more natural talent than others take steroids to even the playing field, since many of the other players use them already. This allows their natural talent to show more and give them the advantage. With the even playing field it allows the players with more talent to be on top.

How I intend to use: I will use this article to give a background on why baseball players use steroids. It will help explain to the reader that steroids being legal are necessary so no matter what the players with more talent are the best. I may be able to persuade the reader that making anabolic steroids is the only way to completely even the playing field and make baseball fair. This would be an extremely strong point for my argument that steroids benefit baseball.

11. Endocrine aspects of anabolic steroids

Summary: Supraphysiological doses of anabolic steroids increase muscle size and muscle strength. The relationship between anabolic steroids and potentially serious risks to health are not proven. Acute life-threatening events associated with steroid abuse is low. Long term consequences are still not clear.

How I intend to use: I will use this article to prove that anabolic steroids may not be as unsafe as critics claim. The fact that the serious risks of anabolic steroids are not yet completely proven will help me prove that anabolic steroids should be allowed in baseball. It will help me refute that steroids are a serious health risk.

12. Should We Accept Steroid Use in Sports?

Summary: This article talks about whether steroids should be legalized in sports. It talks about a debate between three experts arguing in favor and three arguing against. It shows that a vote before the debate had 18% of the audience members supported the motion, 63% opposed, and 19%  were undecided. It then shows that after the debate 37% supported the motion, 59% opposed, and 4% remained undecided.

How I intend to use: I can use this article to show that the debate whether or not anabolic steroids should be allowed in sports is a very relevant topic. Showing how after the debate more of the audience voted for steroids being legalized will provide the reader with evidence that there is a strong argument for legalization. The fact that the debate caused some people to switch from against steroids to for it proves that debaters had a persuasive case for the use of steroids.

13. National Institute on Drug Abuse

Summary: Both athletes and non-athletes abuse anabolic steroids to enhance their performance or improve their appearance. They can be taken orally or injected and are normally taken in cycles. To maximize the effectiveness of the steroids abusers often take more than one type at a time which is known as stacking. The article also goes on to describe the addictive qualities, adverse effects, and how to treat the abuse.

How I intend to use: I can use this article to provide more facts on steroids. It could be useful to provide some known facts to some parts of the paper that have opinions. This will allow me to describe how athletes take steroids and for what reasons. It will also let me describe and refute the arguments that they are addictive and not treatable.

14. Steroids Health Benefits

Summary: The use of steroids will benefit men that suffer from low testosterone. This will help increase their fertility, reduce baldness, and increase muscle mass. It also helps increase estrogen which has been proven to reduce the risk for cancer and heart disease.

How I intend to use: I will use this article to help show that steroids are not as bad as some people believe. Most people believe steroids are extremely harmful and have no benefits other than muscle growth. This will help show the reader that there is more benefits to taking steroids than just gaining muscle mass.

15. Baseball Whiffs When Setting Salaries

Summary: Salary offers are warped by memory-based baiases. Players are rewarded by more money on new contracts by recent success not their whole career. Salaries reflect how well a player has performed in recent months before their new contract. Professional baseball teams rewar players for performing in the immediate past and ignore other evidence of the quality of the player.

How I intend to use: I will use this article as a reason athletes take steroids. It will allow me to show to the reader that by taking steroids and performing better causes the athlete to make more money in the future. This proof can support my argument that some athletes take steroids to make more money.

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