White Paper Polio Rewrite- Aime Lonsdorf

In the early 2000s, a British study was released, announcing that there was a link between the measles and mumps (MMPR) vaccination and autism. The study concluded that being vaccinated could either cause autism in children who did not have it prior to being vaccinated, trigger a latent condition or worsen an already active condition of autism. This lead many parents to stop vaccinating their children for MMRP, increasing the amount of MMPR cases there were in the developed world.

However, recent studies by Columbia University researcher Ian Lipkin and Irish pathologist and co-author of the British study released in the 2000s have proved that the MMPR vaccination does not affect children with autism. The original study is now believed to have been misrepresented. Unfortunately, while the vaccination might not cause autism, many parents still shy away from getting their children vaccinated for MMPR.

The overall conclusion is that the fear of vaccinations caused a rise in both the MMPR; there is no link between the vaccine and autism. So, while autism rates might be rising on their own, the spike in the number of recent autism cases is completely unrelated to the amount of vaccinations for MMPR. The only risk from not being vaccinated is the disease its self which could lead to death.

This is a definitional claim– it changes the way people can look at vaccinations and autism compared to popular thought.


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3 Responses to White Paper Polio Rewrite- Aime Lonsdorf

  1. aimelonsdorf says:

    could you reevaluate this for my proscess writing grade?

  2. davidbdale says:

    Without looking at the original or your grade, I have assigned this work a grade of 78. Is that better?

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