Reflective Statement-Brett Lang

As this semester progressed I understood and demonstrated the main core values more and more. Through out my work I demonstrated core value III very well. For instance in my Rebuttal essay I give a clear description of how the FDA not having tight regulations to stop the harmful supplements from getting by just because there are still drugs that get by the FDA’s tight regulations is a ridiculous thought to have. I use an example of how it is similar to not having laws and security on banks because banks still get robbed. This creates a picture for the reader with the words that are used as they go through the paper. It also makes the weak supplement regulation look as crazy as not keeping banks secure, which makes the supplement regulation and bank security seem very similar and then represents that the harmful supplements should have tighter regulation to the readers.

Going through my works core value V is demonstrated quite frequently. As in my research position paper I use information I have found on my subject about the Metabolife 356 product, its ingredients, and statistics and information on drugs as well. I use this information and clearly site where I have received this information from as well. This shows that information was researched and found and was used to demonstrate problems along with making claims throughout the research paper. The information was well cited and used to a very large importance when talking about the supplements in my paper. The information gives clear concepts about regulations on the supplements and the problems faced with the regulations, along with the Ephedra supplement. The information stays on the main point of my argument without jumping off page and talking about irrelevant information. The clear views of the writer are also expressed through my own take on the information I found.

Core value VII is demonstrated throughout my works in many way. The use of taking feedback from my professor and using it to better my definition essay and revising it  is one way this is demonstrated. I also clearly express the views of myself on my side of the argument while touching base and talking about the issues on the other side of the argument in my rebuttal essay. Within the rebuttal essay I express the views of why the supplements’ regulations shouldn’t be fixed while expressing my own views of why they should. I also do this by talking about what others have discovered on the topic and expressing and citing their views on the supplement problem. More feedback is taken in consideration from my classmate commenting on my rebuttal essay, and then using that feedback and considering it when later papers were written. I consistently took feedback from others to improve my writing later on and better my skills as a writer throughout this semester. This is how the three main core values have been touched upon throughout this portfolio of work.

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