A17: Reflective Statement

The Reflective Statement

The Reflective Statement provides you the opportunity to describe and assess your work in the course. The Reflective Statement serves as a guide to your portfolio in that it gives you and your instructor a clear, specific sense of what you have achieved in the course. From the CC2 Guide:

For the CCII Reflective Statement you will focus on the three core values below and explain how you have met the course expectations for these goals—those items identified as “do or demonstrate” through your course work and/or in your portfolio.

The three values you need to address:

  • Core Value III. Understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning.
  • Core Value V. Understand the role and use of information in writing.
  • Core Value VII. Understand the power and ethical responsibility that comes with the creation of written discourse.

The Reflective Statement is a very important component of your portfolio and has a significant effect on the final evaluation of the portfolio. Therefore, it is important to carefully craft this statement. Give yourself ample time to complete the self-reflective statement. This assignment requires you to analyze and reflect upon a semester’s worth of work—a significant project. Also, carefully analyzing your work may help you identify an issue in one of more of your essays that you can improve upon through further revision.

Don’t leave class Thursday without a clear understanding of what is required for this assignment.


  • Describe the contents of your Portfolio as a single work product that achieves several goals, specifically Core Values III, V, and VII.
  • Consider this yet another persuasion essay with single reader and a single goal: to persuade your professor that through your writing you have achieved the primary goals of the course.
  • For details on the Core Values, refer to the CC2 Guide linked to the sidebar in the Resources category.
  • Call your post Reflective—Author Name.
  • In addition to that placeholder title, you may also elect to give your essay a more descriptive or evocative title to express your feelings about the coursework and your accomplishments, but this is only recommended, not required.
  • Publish your Reflective Statement in the A17: Reflective Statement category.


  • DUE THU APR 26 before class.
  • Cannot be late under any circumstances. Automatic failure of assignment for late submission.
  • Portfoliograde category (75%)

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  1. captainobvious27 says:

    So is it OK if I hand this in late?


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