Research Position Paper

Your Research Position Paper (which we have sometimes called your Long Argument) is due THU APR 19. It will incorporate most of the material you have gathered and organized into your shorter Definition, Causal, and Rebuttal Arguments.

The paper will combine Research with the customary elements of a Persuasive or Position Essay; in other words, it will be a persuasive argument backed up by your months of research. A good essay for this assignment will attempt to prove a controversial thesis (otherwise, what’s the point?), and the very best essays for this class will prove a point that is counterintuitive (not immediately obvious, contrary to common knowledge, perhaps even seemingly illogical).

Anything else I might have to say here about this assignment I have been saying in class repeatedly since Day 1. If you’ve been paying attention, you certainly know what I hope you’ll be able to achieve.

Works Cited
Include in your Works Cited only those sources you actually cite in the Research Position Paper. Material you read for background or eventually decided didn’t need to be cited will still show up in your Annotated Bibliography. There’s no need to include them here.


  • Write your only Longer Argument paper, 3000 words.
  • The paper will take the form of a Research Position Paper as described above.
  • Incorporate the best and most relevant material from your three Shorter Argument essays, eliminating redundancies and organizing into a coherent structure (not merely stitching together three disparate essays.
  • Include Works Cited.
  • Call your post Research Position—Author Name.
  • But in addition to that placeholder title, also give your essay a proper title. For example, this post is titled “America: Are We Fat or Fit?”
  • Publish your essay in the A16: Research Position Paper category and in the Portfolio category.


  • DUE THU APR 19 before class.
  • Grade Penalty if Posted after THU APR 19 but before TUE APR 24: -20 Points.
  • Grade Penalty if Posted after TUE APR 24: Automatic 0/100
  • Research Papergrade category (25%)


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4 Responses to Research Position Paper

  1. Blueitem (Jon G.) says:

    Ugh, left my mostly finished (200 words of conclusion left) essay at home, and have no time in which to get home and post it. The challenge is now to throw something together within…assuming I skip a class, 2 hours (sleep deprived, because of course this is the day homework kept me up until 5). Should be fun…

    • davidbdale says:

      What should I expect, and when?

      • Blueitem (Jon G.) says:

        Cutting my programming class to work on it now, so with any luck it’ll be in by 3:15. Can’t make any promises on overall quality being equivalent to the one I have at home, since I had about a thousand words of new content and I’m not sure I can rewrite and recite some of that in time, but it will be a relatively complete essay.

        • davidbdale says:

          Wise man. As soon as you can practically do so without endangering yourself, replace it completely with the copy you had saved at home. We’ll call it turned in on time because it will in fact have been turned in on time, and then shortly afterwards edited.

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