15 Sources Annotated – Ally Hodgson

For my research paper I will be analyzing the placement of marijuana in the Schedule 1 drug category under the Controlled Substances Act. According to the act, schedule 1 drugs are the deadliest drugs and will get you in the most trouble due to the serious illegality. I will be arguing marijuana should be under a less intense category. I believe other drugs in the category are much more dangerous than marijuana and it would fit another category better. I will not be arguing for the legalization of marijuana. Resources I feel I will be able to use for this paper are:

  1. DEA Diversion Control 

Background: This website put up by the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Office of Diversion Control. It explains the Controlled Substances Act. It also goes into detail about each of the schedules and what guidelines a drug must meet to be placed under this category. It also lists some drugs in each category. This source does not have a point of view, it is the legislation.

How I Plan to Use It: This source will provide background information on the government’s official policy regarding drugs. This information can also be used to persuade the reader.

2. Cannabis, Consciousness and Healing

Background: This source is a persuasive piece about how marijuana has medical benefits and therefore should not be a Schedule 1 drug because Schedule 1 drugs by definition have no medical benefits. This piece argues for the use of marijuana medically.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use the author’s views and information to persuade my readers that marijuana has a true medical use that is better than similar drugs. This author only argues one facet of the definition of a Schedule 1 drug so I will be using other sources for the other parts of the definition.

3. Federal Foolishness and Marijuana

Background: This author’s editorial is persuading the reader marijuana should be a Schedule 2 drug rather than it’s current state as Schedule 1.

How I Plan to Use It: This author argues from all of the definitions of a Schedule 1 drug. I will use his work to build on my own views and portray that in my paper.

4. Cannabis and the U.S. Controlled Substances Act

Background: This article posted by drugawareness.us explains that marijuana does not have a high potential for abuse and therefore should not be a Schedule 1 drug.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this information to prove marijuana shouldn’t be a schedule one drug based on the fact it does not have a high potential for abuse.

5. Federal Marijuana Law

Background: This article explains more about the Controlled Substances Act, how it came to be and what it’s about.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this information to prove that marijuana does not fall under the categories of a schedule 1 drug.

6. Marijuana Vaporizer

Background: This website is advocating for the use of marijuana vaporizers. It gives a lot of information about vaporizers, marijuana and benefits of both.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this source to prove that even though smoking marijuana may be unhealthy, vaporizers are not and the user still reaps medical benefits from the marijuana.

7. Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work?

Background: This is an article by Time Science that is exploring decriminalization in Portugal and what happened.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to look into the things that went wrong in Portugal and prove why or why not it would make a difference here. Also, I would look into how we can change what went wrong in Portugal.

8. Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding.

Background: This site gives information about the Shafer Commission. This is a pro-legalization site. It had quotes from the letter the Shafer Commission published.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this to explain the Shafer Commission, it’s importance and quote the letter. This will strengthen my argument that it should be legalized because it gives me credible sources.

9. “Oval Office Conversation – Meeting with Nixon, Haldeman and Ehrlichman,”

Background: This is a transcript of Nixon’s tapes in the Oval Office in May of 1972. Nixon is talking about marijuana and why it shouldn’t be legal.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this to express why Nixon made marijuana illegal and prove he had no grounds for this decision.

10. Abuse

Background: This is a website advocating for marijuana use in Iowa. It outlines the Shafer Commission’s report, Marijuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding.

How I Plan to Use It: I will use this to quote the report and what they recommended to show the reader what could have happened. 

11. “Controlled Substances Act TITLE 21.”

Background: This is the actual Controlled Substances Act legislation.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this to explain what the actual legislation says so the reader can understand where marijuana falls in the categories.

12. “InfoFacts: Heroin.” 

Background: This is info about Heroin from drugabuse.org.

How I Plan on Using It: I plan to use this to explain how marijuana shouldn’t be in a schedule with a drug like heroin. I plan to parallel the parameters in the CSA for heroin and marijuana.

13. “Historical Timeline- History of Marijuana as Medicine – 2900 BC to Present.” 

Background: This is from a neutral site called procon.org that gives information for students to write controversial papers.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this so I can understand how marijuana got into schedule one. I plan to use that to prove it was not correctly placed.

14. “Marinol Versus Natural Cannabis Pros, Cons, and Options for Patients.”

Background: This is a source advocating for marijuana as opposed to Marinol (a schedule three drug with THC) for medicinal purposes.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan on showing the reader that Marinol is not the same as medical marijuana and that medical marijuana is more beneficial.

15. The President’s News Conference.

Background: This is transcript from President Nixon’s news conference.

How I Plan on Using It: I plan on using this to prove that no matter what the commission said, Nixon would still not make marijuana legal.

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2 Responses to 15 Sources Annotated – Ally Hodgson

  1. davidbdale says:

    There is time and good reason to improve your annotations on this collection, Ally. The grades for the smaller collections (first 5), (6-10), are now unchangeable, but this one, part of your portfolio, can still be revised. Since you now know exactly how you’ve used the material, be more specific about the evidence you found and how you used it.
    Grade Recorded.

  2. allyhodgson93 says:


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