Sources 11-15: Eddie Jahn

11. Struck Out by Béisbol

Background: This article is about scouting players in different countries specifically the Dominican Republic, there have been tremendous MLB players that have come from different countries such as the Dominican Republic. Of the 833 major league players 86 of them have come from the Dominican Republic that is the most from a different country next on the list is Venezuela with 58.

How I will use it: I will use this source to give an example of where players are coming from and how there are amazing baseball players getting drafted from all over the world based on their skill. Scouts are taking players from all places no matter if they know English or not teams want the best players and the players that will give them the best opportunity to win a championship.

12. Ballparks of Baseball

Background: This website is about every baseball stadium of  every major league baseball team.

How I will use it: I will use this source by describing that location of players can be crucial to their success in the major league. If a pitcher that pitches to contact a lot and they are in a hitter’s ball park it will greatly affect the pitcher’s statistics because the pitcher will give up a lot of hits. Just as a pitchers ball park would be great for a pitcher who pitches to contact because there will be less home runs hit and more opportunities for the fielders to make plays.


13. The Baseball Cube

Background: This website is a baseball statistics website showing statistics for every player in the major leagues for every year, including college teams and also minor league baseball teams.

How I will use it: I will use this website to support my paper using statistics for players and even tracking some players back to before their major league careers and looking at their statistics in either college or in the minor leagues and then compare that to their major league numbers.

14. Statistics Glossary

Background: This page is filled with baseball terms and their definitions.

How I will use it: I will use this page by when I use baseball terms I will define them in case people do not understand what they mean I will use the definitions to help the audience learn what I am talking about.


15. Sabermetrics Glossary

Background: This page is defining and describing terms of sabermetrics and they are aspects of sabermetrics that scouts look for in prospects.

How I will use it: I will use this page by giving examples of some of these terms in my paper to back up that scouts look for a lot of things when looking at prospects, and there are many things that go into drafting a player, and making sure that he is a player to fit their system.

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1 Response to Sources 11-15: Eddie Jahn

  1. davidbdale says:

    Currently incomplete. This should contain all 15 of your best sources and thus be the one place your reader can come to see your entire bibliography annotated.

    This is a nicely rounded batch of sources, Eddie. I can see the value of each and that they each serve a different purpose. There appears to be little overlap; they come from a good range of disciplines.

    Please import your ten other best sources to put the whole list together here in one place. I’ve re-titled it for you Annotated Bibliography.

    Provisional grade recorded.
    Better grade available after revision.

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