Causal Argument- Brett Lang

The Extra Work is Worth It

The need to fix regulations of dietary supplements must happen now, before the causes of death make it too late. There is no reason why dietary supplement safety rules and regulations should be so lenient. This just makes it to easy for terrible supplements to be produced that cause harm to the users of the products. Tighter regulations make more honest manufacturers, and make it harder for harmful supplements to be out on the market. Right now the regulations and rules for supplements are like walking down a straight narrow pathway with no obstacles at all. You can easily just stroll down the path without a care in the world and be oblivious to any problems that may be going on, and you end up right at the end with plenty of made money off of a product that could be causing harm to a user. Tighter regulations would make it more of a long winding path with many obstacles that you need to be on guard for. You’ll pick up more on dangers and problems on the way because if you don’t than you just end up never making it to the end of the path because your supplement didn’t pass the right qualifications and brought up issues and harmful risks that couldn’t pass the tests and obstacles of the regulations. The need for this change and tight regulation should be begged for to risk the lives of the users.

The FDA regulates drugs a lot and puts very specific rules and regulations on them that you don’t see on dietary supplements. They may not catch all the problematic drugs trying to be put on the market, but they sure do catch a whole lot more than they would if they just sat there and let everything be put on the market before being checked out. ”  In order to satisfy safety and benefit considerations of the FDA, pharmaceutical companies conduct on average ten to fifteen years of research on a new medication. Approval of a new drug is a rigorous process and for every 5,000 to 10,000 compounds tested, only one receives FDA approval and becomes a new or improved treatment. The entire U.S. pharmaceutical industry spent an estimated $51.3 billion on research and development in 2005″ ( Drug Research). this quote gives a clear explanation as to why dietary supplements need tighter regulation. Drug companies have such a hard time passing their products that they spend ten to fifteen years on research, and for all the ones that are tested only one gets approved. If dietary supplements had to follow this kind of regulation there would be a whole lot less dangerous supplements out there. If you don’t have to pass tests before sale then you are going to get your product out there as quick as possible and test safety later. That’s what the supplement industry does, and to be honest I would to if I thought I had a good product and could make millions right away. Who wouldn’t? The tighter regulations would create two very important effects on the supplement industry though.

First, the tighter regulations make it harder for products to pass safety testing. As I mentioned above only one product out of the 10,000 tested for drugs makes the cut and is passed. That’s how hard it is to make sure a drug is safe to be used by a customer. Dietary supplements with such great health risks would be drastically decreased if they had to one be tested before being put on sale, and second had such a tight set of standards as drugs do. Only the best supplements with the least problems would end up being put on the market. This tight regulation and safety laws create a wall that is absent of now that stop the dangerous products from being sold.

As mentioned earlier drugs companies spend millions of dollars on research and development and ten to fifteen years on it too. They only do this because of the strict regulations they must meet and follow with every product they try to sell. This causes them to go into very deep detail on how their product is created and the safety of it too. they don’t want to be failed when they present their product for testing, so they constantly check and re-check their drug out. Dietary supplement companies don’t have to do this and meet tight regulations, so the research and development they do is drastically more loose and less detailed than drugs(Dietary Supplements). The more strict regulations would surely change this and cause the supplement manufacturers to pick up on problems with their product they would have missed otherwise. This will help increase the safety of the supplements that are distributed and sold out on the market.

Stricter regulations and tighter safety rules are what is needed in the dietary supplement industry. It may not catch every little bug the industry has, but it will sure stomp out a lot more than it is as of now. The tighter regulation has two great effects with the more detailed research and development,and the tighter restrictions on being passed before sale to ensure safety. It may cost the FDA some more time and work in going down and checking out all these supplements, studying them, and making sure they are safe before being sold, but isn’t the safety of the users buying the products more important  than that? It definitely ought to be anyway.

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1 Response to Causal Argument- Brett Lang

  1. davidbdale says:

    Brett, I’ll give you 20 words for your long, straight path analogy. After that, you’re just padding.

    The first two sentences of P2 are pretty much pure fluff too.

    The quote is very useful, but it doesn’t do what you say it does: This quote gives a clear explanation as to why dietary supplements need tighter regulation. Not at all.

    More fluff follows this false conclusion.

    I don’t see anything new in P3.

    P4 is also pure repetition. You’ve even started acknowledging that you’ve said everything before. The ten-to-fifteen-years comment for the third time now.

    Wow. It’s breathtaking in a way, Brett. There is nothing new in P5 either. You’ve managed to use 1000 words to say that there should be more regulations on supplements because there are lots of regulations on drugs to make them safer. You’ve done much better on other assignments. If you revise this, be sure to let me know.

    Grade recorded.

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