Critical Reading – Tabitha Corrao

“Like the abortion industry, the vital organ transplantation industry rests on the utilitarian principle that the end justifies the means. Like the abortion industry, its nexus is hard, cold cash — billions in hard cold cash.” Don’t give your heart away — know the facts about vital organ transplantation

The thing about this claim that I don’t understand is why the author is comparing the organ transplantation industry to the abortion industry. An abortion clinic aborts fetuses that are not wanted or unhealthy for the mother and the organ transplantation industry takes organs out of volunteered patients. She says the connection between these two industries is money but she could also compare the organ transplantation industry to the meat industry. Everyday animals are killed to be packaged and then sold for “cold hard cash.” She uses the abortion clinic to get the attention of people because let’s face it most people care more about human fetuses being aborted rather than pigs being killed.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Just barely meets the requirements of the assignment.
    Grade Recorded.

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