Critical Reading – Jon Otero

I chose to read “Don’t give your heart away” by Randy Engel.

She opens up with a very unsure claim, “Many Renew America readers, I think, are acquainted with my pro-life credentials.” It’s a very weak claim defining her views on pro-life as popular within the readers of the site. They may not even know who she is, but they definitely would know how she supports life over death.

She closes her introduction, of which detailed her pro-life points, by stating, “removed the scales from my eyes and permitted me to see vital organ transplantation for the evil that it is.” This appears to be the thesis of her argument and is defining all vital organ transplantation as evil. According to Randy, if I ever were dying and I had organs that were fit for donation, the doctors and I would all be evil for taking part in the transplantation of my organs to save lives.

The title of her next section is “The organ donor industry.” She’s making the claim that the whole process of organ donation is actually an industry. She then makes a resemblance claim to another definitional claim when she compares the “organ donor industry” to the “abortion industry.” She claims that the heart of both industries is just cold cash. And then claims that the only thing colder are the hearts of the doctors involved in transplanting and in abortion. She’s done this so that she may try to feed on the emotion of people against abortion. Her radical claims aren’t based on any factual or statistical evidence. According to her, these doctors make a living on the evils of organ transplantation and abortion. However, she provides no proof. She simply is spewing out information based on her opinion of these people. She also claims doctors kill living donors to give to the recipients. According to her, whenever anything is donated, the donor must be executed, otherwise it would not be possible. It’s a very incorrect claim. She backs up her claim by stating “it is a violation of the Natural Moral Law and God’s Commandment — thou shalt not kill.” She’s still basing her claim on fallacy. As she paints the gory picture, she’s trying to make it seem like the “evil medical butcher” is killing people to take their organs to put into people who are in need of them.

Randy then goes on to distinguish the differences between paired and unpaired. She categorizes the two differently by making single paired organ donations as easier and okay. She then makes a resemblance claim when she says “single vital organs such as the heart and the liver.” Her equation is flawed in that liver donation and heart donation are very different. Liver’s can be donated in lobes so that the donor and recipient can both still share in its usefulness.

She equates vital organ transplantation as heart transplantation way too often. Since, as she claims, hearts cannot be taken out of cadavers, all healthy vital unpaired organs cannot be taking out of cadavers. This statement is again, false.

She goes on to talk about Dr. Barnard and says, ” Barnard later told reporters that he had waited for her heart to stop naturally before cutting it out, but this was a lie.” She’s making a definitional claim that what he said was a lie. However, she provides no evidence of this at all. How could she possibly know he lied? She leaves the reader hanging and just simply states, “the public found out the truth 40 years later.”

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