Critical Reading- Brett Lang

Harvest Inmates

The harvesting of inmates makes some interesting claims on the donations of organs. At 0:16 seconds in they claim that inmates have already asked for their organs to be donated and that they have been refused. This is very relevant because it shows that there is a willingness of inmates to donate their organs, but it doesnt specify exactly how many even wanted to do that. It makes it seem like inmates are very willing to donate organs, but with no exact numbers there could have only been two people who ever asked about donation. It is sufficient enough to support the taking of inmates organs, and makes it look as more of something they want than something they disagree on.

The video also claims that each inmate could save twelve people with all their organs, and that they are destroyed and wasted when the inmates are killed by electrocution or lethal injection. The claim is made from 0:22 seconds to 1:oo minute in the video. This claim proves how great and important the organs are,and makes a huge support and sufficient information to follow along with this harvesting of inmates. It makes a claim to save the lives of twelve good people in exchange for the death of a bad person that is going to be killed anyway. That’s a hard claim to fight against. It makes a great point that there is a huge waste going on, and that while we don’t harvest these inmates organs that thirteen people are dying instead of just one. You can’t argue against saving twelve lives for one of someone who is going to die and is willing to donate their organs. This is the strongest point and claim made in their video. It gives the most sufficient information and reason to harvest the organs. It does make an assumption that it will save twelve lives, there is no proof or evidence in that exact claim for them to base that on.

At the times of 1:15 to 1:20 the claims made by this video are that they could perform the procedure to remove the organs of the inmates under amnesia, and that it is completely painless to the inmate. It gives a great way to harvest and save the organs of the inmate so that they are not damaged at all. It is very reasonable claim because they are saving the organs along with giving the inmate a painless way to die with no suffering. This makes it a unbrutal way of killing the inmate while helping gain valuable organs. It gives a plus to the people who need the organs along with making a sympathetic view to the inmate for people who view their execution as unjust. It may be easier to accept their executions when they are saving lives along with going through a painless death.

From the time of 1:22 to 1:33 the video claims that thirty-eight out of the fifty states in the U.S. approve capital punishment. This gives clear evidence that there are executions of inmates going on throughout most of the United States, so if it’s going to be accepted as a common practice that we should at least make it valuable. It gives sufficient evidence to go with the harvesting of inmate organs if states are already wasting the inmates organs by killing them anyway. It’s a very reasonable claim because it gives some quantitative data to support their idea to harvest the organs.

All the claims made in this video are very relevant and give a good amount of sufficient information to do the harvesting and claims they make. Some may not have much proof or evidence of the matter, but they do make great points in the action of harvesting the inmate’s organs.

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2 Responses to Critical Reading- Brett Lang

  1. As a practical matter, I think that this “death by organ donation” is probably the most humane way to execute condemned criminals: they’d be under anesthesia, and wouldn’t feel a thing, and many people would benefit from the use of their organs.

    But, instinctively, there’s something that’s just really creepy about medicalizing capital punishment to this extent. It almost takes on an air of human sacrifice.

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