Rebuttal Essay- Brett Lang

Supporting the killer?

Someone looking at a substance that is a large risk factor and killer and thinking there shouldn’t be some change in the product, or the way it is handled is ridiculous. Ephedra put many people’s lives at risk and even ended some as well. Regulation and construction of the product has to be addressed. Some people may feel that there is no reason to waste time and money on supplement regulation, but the risk of losing one’s life seems to be a very important thing to consider when dealing with anything, let alone a dietary supplement.

The main point in the argument against improving regulation of the dietary supplements will be that the better regulation, safety precautions, and change in rules will not stop all dangerous supplements from being put on sale. That is true and I agree highly with that. There are plenty of drugs out there that have slipped through FDA regulation and been put on sale, but turned out to be very dangerous to people’s health. For example the drug Darvocet was recently banned by the FDA for causing bad heart side effects (Darvocet). Drugs just like this happen to sneak by the regulations, but the regulations have also stopped tons of terrible drugs from being put out on the shelves to be sold too. Just because better regulations won’t stop all of the terrible supplements from being sold on the market doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be fixed and tightened up. It’s like saying well people still rob banks, so lets stop having laws against it and security precautions to stop it. The security and laws clearly stop the acts from happening more frequently and lessen the number of robberies. If you tighten the regulations up on the supplements, and make the safety testing be done before and after sale, the chances that harmful supplements will be on the market will clearly become fewer in number.

The tight regulations and safety precautions would help the supplement manufactures find more issues with their product, and could cause them to be less deceitful in their claims, and ingredient information. If there are more regulations that ask for proof of safety testing before being sold, then it would create a more honest producer. If the manufacturers can’t get their product out on sale until it is proven safe with clear evidence, then they are more likely to make sure of the safety in their product, and create a better product for the user and a more honest supplier in the manufacturers. As of now they can sell a product as long as they say it does what they say their product does. They don’t have to worry about what happens to the user later because they could sell millions of their supplement before testing shows its risks, but when they must have proof of safety before sale this changes things completely. If the manufacturers are losing out on making money they will make sure their product is on the up and up with regulations. Everything changes when people’s wallets are threatened.

The combination of caffeine with the Ephedra is what causes such excessive dangers to occur to the user, not just the stimulant. This is a very misconstrued thought by some people believing the problem is not the plant being used, but the other combination of ingredients inside the product. These kind of people will feel like Metabolife 356 is dangerous because of the mixture in the caffeine, but the use of just the Ephedra in itself is safe for them. The combination of the caffeine may make the supplement more dangerous, but the key point in that is it will make it “more” dangerous. The Ephedra has been tested and proved to be a high stimulant that causes the heart to race quickly. It affects the central nervous system along with causing the heart to race because of the very lethal stimulants in Ephedra (What is Ephedrine?). The combination may cause a more severe effect on the user, but the mixture is not the start of the problem. The Ephedra is just a high amphetamine like stimulant that alone causes the damage to the body and heart, and is increased when the caffeine is added.

The main basis of the disagreement with the change of the regulations and dangers of such Ephedra based supplements as Metabolife 356 is quite weak. The regulatory system becoming tightly ran would create a more careful examination of supplements, and a safer way of controlling dangerous substances to be sold. It also creates a more honest and loyal manufacturer that must now follow the rules before selling his product, which hurts his profit, making him more likely to make sure his product is safe, so it will be allowed to be sold. The combination of caffeine and Ephedra does create a very dangerous concoction and increases the risk to the supplement causing damage to the heart, but it does not create this problem. That is made up in the Ephedra itself with its high stimulant ingredients that just alone has been proven dangerous to someone. The tighter regulations and safety precautions that could be set up for dietary supplements may not stop all the dangerous substances that try to get sold, but as long as it catches at least one, isn’t that better than letting them be unregulated safely to prey upon uninformed users looking for a little weight loss?

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What is Ephedrine?

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2 Responses to Rebuttal Essay- Brett Lang

  1. martyb68 says:

    You make a case that FDA regulations should be fixed and tightened. This may be true but you provide no evidence or ideas on how to do so. I do like the argument you decided to rebuttal. It seems to be the strongest argument to refute. There is also the case that a product could be safe but not effective. They would now how to regulate for safety and effectiveness for every product, is that possible? Other then that, I agree that there needs to be stricted regulations and better tests for safety.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Confronts some actual issues.
    Grade recorded.

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