A12: Rebuttal Essay

My Worthy Opponent is Wrong

Your second short paper is due TUE APR 03. It will make an argument essential to your Research Position Paper, due April 19. You’ll write three short papers in total this semester, each proving something essential about your Research Paper. Then you’ll combine the results of your efforts on the three shorter papers into a single longer paper. Here’s the schedule, taken from the course outline.

THU MAR 08 Definition Argument 1000 words
TUE MAR 27 Definition Essay Rewrite
TUE APR 03 Rebuttal Argument 1000 words
TUE APR 10 All 15 Sources Annotated
THU APR 12 Causal Argument 1000 words
THU APR 19 Research Position Paper 3000 words

This Rebuttal Argument will identify (and demolish) the argument you feel is the strongest rebuttal to your own thesis. You know there are plenty of good arguments against your thesis. You’ve chosen a controversial thesis deliberately, knowing that—in fact because—it’s contrary to common knowledge. Lucky for you, common knowledge is almost always wrong, but still you must defend your position against it.

Rebuttal arguments are respectful, specific, and firm. They acknowledge that your position is not the most popular opinion on a topic and that reasonable people hold opinions very different from your own but that nonetheless, yours is the correct position.

What’s the “Opposite” of my thesis?
You may think the only legitimate rebuttal position is the opposite of your thesis, but that’s not true. First, we can’t always clearly state the opposite of a position; second, there are far more than two points of view on a topic. Let me offer an example. Your thesis may be that, contrary to popular opinion, car seats are unsafe for infants, toddlers, and young children. In your research, you may discover experts or studies that claim any of the following:

  1. Car seats are safe for infants, toddlers, and young children
  2. Car seats are safe for toddlers (or infants, or young children, but not all three)
  3. Car seats aren’t perfect, but they’re safer than no car seats
  4. Car seats are safe if used correctly
  5. Car seats are effective in several different types of accident
  6. Car seats are safe if they’re the right size
  7. Car seats are safe unless they’re faulty, broken, or improperly fitted

The best rebuttal argument takes on a real opponent, not a “straw man.” While it may be satisfying to offer a weak argument against your thesis that you can easily demolish, your victory is unlikely to impress your readers as persuasive. Instead, you need to imagine what your most hostile and critical reader is thinking about your argument, acknowledge that she has reasonable objections to your thesis, and then lower the boom on her.

So, what’s your rebuttal? Your rebuttal is to detail all the qualifications that must be met to make a car seat safe, taken directly from your opponents’ arguments. To not injure children, car seats have to be of good quality, the right size for the child (whose size keeps changing), and installed correctly; furthermore, the accident has to be the right kind of accident. If any of these conditions are not met, the child can be injured worse than if there had been no car seat! One by one, you could detail the likelihood that each of the conditions will not be met

Works Cited
Whether the sources you cite in this essay already appear in your earlier posts or not, you’ll need a Works Cited for this assignment. Check the links yourself to be sure they lead back to a page we can all access (even if it’s the page in the databases that “launches” the actual document).

Useful Models
You’ll find several examples of how a professional essay might be refuted with a variety of rebuttals in the Rebuttal Practice post.

Early Feedback to Your Classmates
Should students post early looking for guidance in planning their rebuttal essays, I will respond as promptly as possible, to give the rest of you a chance to learn from our conversations. I applaud the enterprise of early posters, and I’ll always respond as helpfully as I can if I have the time.


  • Write your second Shorter Argument paper.
  • The paper will take the form of a Rebuttal Argument, as described above and explained further in the “Rebuttal Practice” post.
  • Identify the strongest rebuttal (or rebuttals)that can be made against your thesis.
  • Examine those rebuttal positions carefully.
  • Refute those positions.
  • Include Works Cited.
  • Call your post Rebuttal Essay—Author Name.
  • But in addition to that placeholder title, also give your essay a proper title. For example, this post is titled “My Worthy Opponent is Wrong.”
  • Publish your definition essay in the A12: Rebuttal Essay category.


  • DUE TUE APR 03 before class.
  • Customary late penalties. (0-24 hours 10%) (24-48 hours 20%) (48+ hours, 0 grade)
  • Shorter Arguments grade category (20%)

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3 Responses to A12: Rebuttal Essay

  1. dalehamstra27 says:

    Professor, I’ve been working on my rebuttal essay and I’m very short of my word count because I cannot find anything to refute. As of now I am only refuting common sense, and talking about my experiment, and the results I have so far. I know it’s late, but could you help me?


  2. stillt27 says:

    Professor, this has been an assignment that i have had trouble working on because it is hard to find something to actually refute besides things that are common sense. I will need help on this because I am finding that my word count has become short as well.


  3. stillt27 says:

    Also I have found that not a lot of evidence but different conversations have an argument about this besides the fat that most articles have been telling the point of view that I stand behind which is not having a father figure is a great cause of joining gangs. Can you please help me on this?


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