Visual Argument- Sam Sarlo

-The opening scene shows a girl kneeling on a bed suggestively taking off her scarf, then her guy starts hurriedly ripping off his clothes and tripping over his pants, indicating the false sense of urgency that his sexual desires cause him to feel, and possibly hinting that he has been waiting a long time for this.
-The next scene is a very short shot of a couple rolling over in bed and breaking the bed frame.
-next a couple wearing businesswear stumble into what looks like a closet or storeroom presumably to have sex during an office party, judging by the lei worn by the man, only to find it occupied by another couple.
-The last scene shows a man in bright blue underwear struggling to pull a pair of tight jeans off a woman on a couch, then finally succeeding and sliding on top of her.
-The end of the ad cuts to text and voiceover that say “You didn’t give up on sex, don’t give up on birth control. There are more methods than you think, find yours at”
The visual argument made in the Ad Council spot for unplanned pregnancy prevention  aims to encourage the use of birth control by appealing to to the audience members’ sense of humor and logic through scenes of awkwardness and sexual desire that they can relate to. All of the actors in the ad were relatively young, which implies that the advertisement is directed more at young adults who are more likely to experience unplanned pregnancy and may not be aware of all of their options for birth control. The scenes of frenzied undressing remind us of times that sexual desire may have clouded our judgement, and encourages us to think ahead so that we will be prepared when the moment arrives. I went to, the webpage for this ad campaign, and it has a number of educational resources including a birth control method comparison and a tool that helps you find out if you are eligible for free birth control. I think that backing up the message in the ad with immediately available resources for the viewers who choose to act on it goes a long way toward their cause of preventing unplanned pregnancy. While without this resource the message of the ad may only nag at the viewer’s mind for a minute before it’s forgotten, showing the website at the end of the ad greatly increases the odds of the viewer taking immediate action, which is presumably the whole point of the ad.
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4 Responses to Visual Argument- Sam Sarlo

  1. davidbdale says:

    No idea where you’re going with this, Sam. Care to clarify?
    Provisional (and not desirable) grade posted.

  2. davidbdale says:

    This is more complete than last time, and well done so far, but you should at least finish your sentence if you’re going to let this represent you in your Portfolio.

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