Sources 6-10 – Marty Bell

6. Do Steroids Give A Shot in the Arm?

Summary: This article describes the negative effects of steroids. It talks about how pitchers taking steroids could be harmful. It explains how pitchers are constantly using explosive moments so gaining more muscle mass quickly could be detrimental to pitching. It also says that even on steroids pitchers are only likely to gain about 2 mph on their fastball which is not much.

How I intend to Use: I will use this article to help get my point across that steroids will not help pitchers like it helps hitters. It will help me prove that steroids will increase homerun production contrary to what some critics say about pitchers taking steroids will wash out the batters taking steroids.

7. Steroids Have Not Killed Pro Baseball: They Have Actually Given It Life-Support

Summary: This article talks about how people who say steroids are killing baseball are wrong. It talks about specific players who used steroids actually helped baseball. It claims steroids have actually helped baseball by bringing more attention to it. It talks about how baseball took a back seat to football in popularity but steroids have helped it regain some popularity.

How I intend to Use: I can use this article to respond to the argument that steroids are hurting baseball. It will help me enforce my point that steroids have helped and would help baseball if they were legal.

8. Steroids Improve Hand / Eye Coordination, Ability to Hit Baseball

Summary: This article shows how taking steroids help hand-eye coordination which make it easier to hit a baseball. It takes the specific the case of Ken Caminiti, admitted to taking steroids during his MVP season, and shows how steroids helped him hit the ball more often.

How I intend to Use: I can use this article to add to the proof of how steroids help hitters. It will give proof that taking steroids will not only help homerun hitters but also contact hitters. This means that steroids will benefit all hitters.

9. Steroids for Pitchers

Summary: This article describes the benefits of steroids for pitchers. It talks about how taking steroids will help with the recovery of pitchers. It gives a background to why pitchers use steroids.

How I intend to Use: I will use this article to describe how steroids help pitchers as well as hitters. It give more detail to the aspects that steroids help in baseball. Showing that steroids help pitchers not only batters will help me convince readers who like the pitching aspect of baseball more than the hitting aspect that steroids are good for baseball.

10. Why baseball players use steroids

Summary: This article describes why baseball players use steroids. It talks about how people with more natural talent than others take steroids to even the playing field since many of the other players use them. This allows their natural talent to show more and give them the advantage. With the even playing field it allows the players with more talent to be on top.

How I intend to Use: I will use this article to give a background on why baseball players use steroids. It will help explain to the reader that steroids being legal are necessary so no matter what the players with more talent are the best.

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1 Response to Sources 6-10 – Marty Bell

  1. davidbdale says:

    I have not seen much of this material reflected in your shorter essays so far. There appears to be a good amount of useful information, but you do not seem to be using it effectively to prove that overall the use of steroids would provide a benefit to the sport in general. The list so far is short on academic sources.

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