A09: Visual Argument – Tikeena Sturdivant

  • I chose to do the ad on Unplanned Pregnancy
  • The first scene shows a women taking off her scarf slowly looking at the man that’s in the room with her while she’s standing on the side of the bed. He looks at her as he begins to take off his clothes as fast as he can. While taking his clothes off he was stumbling around the room, when he tried to take his shirt off he fell back on the dresser and then onto the floor.
  • The second scene shows a couple rolling around on the bed under the covers causing the bed to break.
  • The next scene shows a couple making out in a car at night with the sun roof open, which the lady hit her head on.
  • The forth scene shows a couple making out on their way into a supply closet. When the looked to their side they realized they was another couple in the closet making out as well. Both of the couples looked at each other and the first couple left the closet.
  • The next scene starts with a couple in a living room. The woman was lying on the couch and the man was at the end of the couch trying to pull her pants off. He had on just his underwear. Once he  pulled her pants off he jumped on top of her and they began to make out.
  • After the last scene a woman’s voice said,”You didn’t give up on sex. Don’t give up on Birth Control.”
  • On the scene is A blue background with “Bedsider” in bold white letters while under that in a small font “bedsider.org” in a blue.

The purpose of the ad is to expose women to ways to prevent pregnancy by different types of birth control. I think the ad does different scenes to prove once you begin to get in the mood to have sex you don’t think twice about it. But thinking twice would not be such a problem if more women were on birth control. Of course women should be protected by sexual transmitted diseases and sexual transmitted infections, however, the purpose for this ad is to prevent pregnancy. The scenes were really realistic and funny involving all of the couples. The comedy out of the scenes was a great way for the director to catch people’s attention. At the end, the ad gives a little informative session about different types of birth control. In my opinion, the director of this ad got his/her point across in a very creative way!

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1 Response to A09: Visual Argument – Tikeena Sturdivant

  1. davidbdale says:

    Nothing you say is untrue, Tikeena, but you don’t give us any indication how this is “argument.” I’ll give you some time to read some of your classmates’ posts if you wish for a fuller understanding of what the assignment requires.
    Provisional grade recorded.

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