A09: Visual Argument-Aime lonsdorf

First Viewing (No sound)

*A man and a women appear to be trying to have sexual intercourse

  • it appears very awkward
  • the video goes into several other couples trying to hookup
  • it is an extremely awkward video
  • goes into “bedsider”

*the video clicks over the bedside image showing different images that appear to have to do with sex


Following Views (with sound)

*there is an upbeat song that plays in the background of the awkward couples

*each time i watch this ad, i still feel uncomfortable with how awkward they are making the attempts at sex appear

*the end of the video claims “you didn’t give up on sex, don’t give up on birth control either. There are more methods than you think. Find yours at bedsider.org”

*this makes me think that the video was made by a more liberal organization because they are in favor of contraception

*i went to bedsider.org to learn all about the different options that people have


Some of the options:

*the shot: long lasting for up to three months and preferable for those who cannot take excess amounts of estrogen, a female sex hormone.

*the implant: a rod the length of a penny. According to the website, “there is nothing to think about in the moment and its easily hidden from everyone.” This confirms my thoughts that the organization is pro-contraception

*the “not right now method”: if you do not have sex, you will not get pregnant

*withdrawal: pulling out

*there were many other options with comical pictures which also indicated to me that the organization was liberal because it was geared towards young adults, knowing they would have sex and not wait until marriage like many conservatives think.



*the video clearly makes its point in the ad

*it is funny and effective

*the website is geared along the same lines and very effective

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