Stand Your Ground ~ Tony Shilling

Stand Your Ground with Caution

A rather new law, Stand Your Ground, permits the killing of an individual in self-defense; laws such as these, however, have a history of creating violent cultures. Under these “shoot first” laws, violent behavior in the name of self-defense is permitted, and basically  becomes a license to kill.  Everyday conflicts, like road rage, neighborly disputes, and suspicion of other races, are now allowed to be resolved with guns. Murder can only increase when a weak excuse such as “self-defense” is handed out like a Monopoly card. Florida alone proves that crimes akin to this will be more frequent, as “justifiable” killings have tripled since the Stand Your Ground law passed in 2005. When people are given the legal authorization to take the law into their own hands, the rights of the people often get trampled. Personal rights have become crucial, and all others “in my way” are out of luck. It’s almost as if the government is green-lighting vigilantism.

This law does in fact affect everyone; when any random individual is given the opportunity to “pack heat,” everyone else is less safe. There’s already an influx, and it’s only going to get worse if a greater number of these laws are passed; enacting, in turn, will lead to more injured innocents. Stand Your Ground will do more will cause more harm in addition to the violence it intends to prevent, and the issue of repeal is life-or-death; that is, life or death of civilians by unstable gunmen.

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1 Response to Stand Your Ground ~ Tony Shilling

  1. davidbdale says:

    A very nice effort, Tony. Your rewrites are big improvements.
    Now now, plus four other errors still remain.
    Keep working on it as you can. I’ll consider the assignment complete when it’s error-free.

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