Sources 6-10 – Tikeena Sturdivant

Adrian Peterson final thought

This article provides me proof that Adrian Peterson admits that his comment was wrong. He realized that he could of used different words to express his frustration.

Other NFL players opinions

This article allows to be see other players point of view on Adrian Peterson’s comment. He is not the only NFL player who claim the life of a professional football player and the life of a slave is parallel.

William Rhoden: 40 Million Dollar Slave

This is a interview between William Rhoden, the author of the book 40 Million Dollar Slave, and Ed Gordon. This allows me to see exactly where William Rhoden came to this conclusion, instead of reading the whole book. I plan to read the whole book before I finish my paper but until I finish this will be a good start.

NFL Racial Policies

This article provides me with the history of blacks in the NFL. It also compares how black professional football players were treated in the NFL versus AFL.

NFL Files Unfair Labor Practices Charge Against NFLPA

This article provides me with the a case involving the labor practices in the NFL. If the NFL ever had to defend the their labor practices this could had to my paper. I will read and research this case and include the information I gather in my paper.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    Fair work. Grade recorded.

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