Sources 6-10: Eddie Jahn

6. Anaheim Angels vs. San Francisco Giants

Background: This source is a box score of every game of the 2002 World Series between the Anaheim Angels and San Francisco Giants. It has links to every game also to tell all the statistics for each and every game of the World Series.

How I will use it: I did use this source already in the definition essay by showing the statistic that I called the “winning” statistic which was the RE24. This source is good because it gave me statistics about every player on both teams for the World Series and I used this source a lot in my definition essay.

7. Chicago White Sox vs. Houston Astros

Background: This source is the box score for the 2005 World Series between the Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros. It also links into every game to tell statistics for every game.

How I will use it: I planned on using this source in my definition essay also, but I did not get a chance to because my paper was already at the 1000 word mark before I even went into talking about this World Series it is another good example of the RE24 statistic and how that statistic is important in a teams chance of winning.

8. Sabermetrics in a University Classroom

Background: There is a one credit class at Seton Hall University taught on sabermetrics, it appeals to baseball fans and is taught about the statistics of baseball. There is actually formulas to calculate wins, runs, and runs created and it is said in the class that if Babe Ruth is not the greatest player wrong by your analysis you are wrong.

How I will use it: I will use this source by talking about sabermetrics and how it is a big thing in baseball now, and how scouts are using it and how fans find it interesting and are even going to study it in college.

9. Data Analysis and Baseball

Background: This source is about sabermetrics and how it is used in baseball such as calculating win intercepts. This is a good source because it has figures that show you what teams are leading in what statistics.

How I will use it: I will use this source to also talk about sabermetrics more give another example of how people use it and interests them, also how it is an important part of the game.

10. MLB Website

Background: This is the official Major League Baseball website it has all statistics of every player in the major leagues now.

How I will use it: To talk about the best players in the game and their statistics and how they compare to players that I have used in my definition essay already.

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