6-10 sources – Ally Hodgson

6. Marijuana Vaporizer

Background: This website is advocating for the use of marijuana vaporizers. It gives a lot of information about vaporizers, marijuana and benefits of both.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this source to prove that even though smoking marijuana may be unhealthy, vaporizers are not and the user still reaps medical benefits from the marijuana.

7. Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work?

Background: This is an article by Time Science that is exploring decriminalization in Portugal and what happened.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to look into the things that went wrong in Portugal and prove why or why not it would make a difference here. Also, I would look into how we can change what went wrong in Portugal.

8. Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Background: Though very bias, this is a site advocating for the legalization of marijuana. It explains marijuana is illegal because of racism, fear, corruption and other government bias.

How I Plan to Use It: I will use this source to look into these factors and claims and look for truths in them. If there are truths, I’d like to incorporate them into my paper. (Not too much of this though, for fear of turning into a legalize paper)

9. Cannabis Use, Abuse, and Dependence in a Population-Based Sample of Female Twins

Background: This article is from an experiment on twins to see how marijuana would effect them.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this to look into abuse and dependence and how they effect users.

10. DSM-IV criteria for substance dependence and substance abuse

(this is a word document so when you click, it will ask to download it)

Background: This is a criteria for abuse and dependence.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this in my paper to show what abuse and dependence are according to this source.

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1 Response to 6-10 sources – Ally Hodgson

  1. davidbdale says:

    Not the strongest sources, and you do very little to describe their useful contents and how you’ll incorporate evidence from them into your paper to support your arguments, Ally.

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