Schedule Reminders

Just a few things to remember as we go off to spring break.

TUE MAR 20 Definition Essay Feedback
This is your professor’s deadline to provide substantial feedback on your Definition essays. I’ll be starting soon, working in the order in which I received your requests but providing feedback whether you’ve asked for it or not.

TUE MAR 27 Definition Essay Rewrites
By 3:00 you’ll owe me your revisions to your Definition essay. You may make changes in Edit mode and Update, losing the original in the process (except for the archive). However, you should probably produce a new post, adding “Revised” to the title, so you’ll have both versions to export to your Portfolio, should you decide to use this essay as your chance to demonstrate responsiveness to feedback.

Furthermore, if you’re among the very few students who missed our last class before the break, click the links in the sidebar for Syllabus and CC2 Guide, below the Resources heading. We reviewed important changes to the Course Outline and the section in the Syllabus that digests the Portfolio requirements we’ll be concentrating on in the second half of the course. You’ll find the longer Writing Arts Department version in the CC2 Guide. Both documents are required reading.

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Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.
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