A06 5 sources – Jon Gonzoph

For my research paper I will be examining whether violence in video games has a greater effect on behavior then similar violence in movies or television. The first point to consider is what effect violence in video games have on people. This would normally be a topic answered by the studies, but studies themselves are split between those that claim that video game violence does have an affect and those that claim it does not, or some other factor is causing these changes. Then I will use similar studies to see if violence in movies has a similar effect. An important factor in both of these instances is the accuracy and reliability in testing changes in behavior, as well as the amount of time they tested over.

Coming from the biased standpoint of enjoying video games, I expect to find the video game violence doesn’t have any long term effects and that behavior is generally unchanged. If this is proven incorrect, I will then assume that violence in movies and television shows produce the same effect.


1.  A longitudinal study of the association between violent video game play and aggression among adolescents.

Background: An academic study testing if there is a relationship between violent video games and increased aggression over a long period of time. While short term studies have found this to be true, this study refutes that and finds no link between violent video games an increased aggression over the high school years.

Usage: Rather self explanatory, this is one of a variety of studies that measures aggression after playing violent video games. What makes this study possibly more important then the many like it is it does take a longer view of the issue. While I’ll probably use short term studies as well, this should be quite useful in establishing the overall impact of violence in video games.

2.   Chory, Rebecca M., and Alan K. Goodboy. “Is Basic Personality Related To Violent And Non-Violent Video Game Play And Preferences?.” Cyberpsychology, Behavior & Social Networking 14.4 (2011): 191-198. Academic Search Premier. Web. 25 Feb. 2012.

Background: This study examines the link between violent video games and violent personalities.

Usage: This is important because it should provide information to answer the question if violence in video games makes people more violent, or if violent people just gravitate toward violent video games. This study may or may not be important to the paper, it depends on if other studies control for this aspect.

Note: Couldn’t get the link to work, so just went with a citation.

3. Violent Video Games: Myths, Facts, and Unanswered Questions

Background: From the American Psychological Association, Craig A. Anderson makes a case against violent video games.

Usage: This source provides a twolfold use. It is a great example of the arguments against violence in video games and also gives a great list of references at the end, presumably of studies that agree with his points. Examining the validity of those studies will be essential to coming to a conclusion on whether violence in video games has a significant effect.

Personal Note: Seriously, the description of what “some” video games contain cannot be taken seriously. Some fairly well known books contain underage sex, torture, cannibalism and more, but does that mean we should stop reading books?

Also, a good portion of the studies cited are his own, which means he may have come into this article just a mite biased.


4. The effect of video game competition and violence on aggressive behavior: Which characteristic has the greatest influence?

Background: Another important study that concludes that it’s not violence that has an effect on behavior, but rather competitiveness.

Usage: This may be the focus of a significant portion of my paper, because if competition is the cause for changes in behavior then it possibly invalidates many studies that did not take this into effect.



Background: A study that actually that seems to support a positive change in behavior after violent gaming. According to the study, people recently playing violent video games would donate more money than those who did not.

Usage: This opens up the avenue of research into positive changes from video games, and whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

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