Proposal revised- Brett Lang

For my research topic I will examine the different qualifications and classifications that make a supplement classified as a supplement. I will take the findings of what these classifications are and show how the now banned supplement Ephedra met these classifications. I will demonstrate how easily these supplement products can be classified as a dietary supplement even though it could have much more ingredients that are dangerous and cause terrible health concerns and even death as Ephedra had done.I will examine the ingredients in the Ephedra product and find out what makes it so harmful that it could kill people while still following the right classifications to be a dietary supplement sold on the shelf throughout the United States. My investigation will examine the lenient rules followed by supplement marketers and the different loop holes they can use to put out a killing supplement such as the Ephedra and just how it was done with this product.

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3 Responses to Proposal revised- Brett Lang

  1. davidbdale says:

    I said before you were smart to post early, Brett. Now I see just how smart. This is worlds better than the first proposal. Are you skeptical about a topic so narrow, or did you embrace it so quickly because I persuaded you on the merits of the argument? I have to ask because your adoption of my strong recommendation might easily be strategic. Either way, I’m glad you’re willing to try, but I’d still like to know.

    Will you really hate it if I now thoroughly revise your statement for brevity and clarity? I’m going to, of course, because I’m really pushy. You’ve already impressed me with your generous and mature reaction to my first feedback, so I’ll take another chance here.

    With an open mind, I will research what I believe to be the totally inadequate requirements of the “nutritional supplement” classification. I will show how the now banned supplement Ephedra met these lax qualifications even though, like other supplements, it might easily have contained dangerous, even fatal, ingredients. I will examine Ephedra’s particular hazardous ingredients and ask why no regulations could prevent it being marketed in the US.

    I hope you’ll consider this a valuable and instructive revision, Brett, that demonstrates how briefly and clearly you can make complex claims.

  2. langer278 says:

    Your persuasion along with seeing there was still a lot of information I could find using this more narrow topic made it pretty easy to embrace and switch to.

    • davidbdale says:

      Thanks, Brett. Again I appreciate having your proposal early enough to share it as a model. I’m even more appreciative that you responded as you did and adopted a narrower thesis. I’ll continue to offer interference for as long as you think it’s helpful. If I’m not responsive enough, let me know. If I start to annoy you, I’d like to know that too.

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