Advertising Failure- Brett Lang

While reading the article on mammogram’s and Dr. Kim’s way of keeping score of his doctors I found multiple types of counterintuitivity in the article. They thought that the keeping score of doctors successes and misses would cause multiple problems in mal practice lawsuits, upset patients, and offended doctors, but in fact had different outcomes. The keeping scores had helped Dr. Kim figure out who was doing well and who wasn’t so he could get rid of and fire the doctors that were missing way to many mammograms. This caused fear in the doctors and made them want to be more successful and work harder and be more careful. They did extra studying of x-rays of mammograms to be able to better find signs of cancer and increase their average. It created a way of competition to increase results and became very succesful. It states now that they are missing one-third fewer cancers, which does not seem like it would bring many mal practice lawsuits on at all. It actually helps make them less likely to come up. The health field was looking for a way to better mammograms success rate and Dr. Kim had found a way, but instead of being embraced it was scrutinized. It turned out to be a very successful solution to a problem no one else could solve and changed the thinking on how bad of an idea it was.

There was also a problem with this idea od double checking women for mammograms to make certain they had no cancer. Women were feeling offended or something was wrong for being brought in a second time to be checked, but if they were told they were fine the first time and found to have cancer the second then they may have just had their life saved.  this quote by Ms. Veenstra demonstrates this exact way of thinking being utterly changed. ”After I got over my initial shock and anger, I appreciated that someone was checking and double-checking,” she says. ”It’s unbelievable to me this is not nationwide.” this shows how she had been so mad to be brought back into the doctors, but ended up having her cancer found and her life saved. When this was explained to her by the doctor her anger changed to a very gracious and appreciative mood. i know  my little brother’s grandmother had been just recently double checked on her mammograms and they had found she had cancer. If they had just done the one check it could have been missed and she wouldn’t have had a clue. People way of thinking can be changed drastically when they consider something they see as a hassle or aggravating to do again ends up saving their life.

People’s intuitions about Dr. Kim’s way of keeping stats changed greatly on how successful and big it became. People change their mind when something becomes successful, or many people start to follow or back behind the idea. If you change one person’s thoughts on the subject you can eventually change millions until they see how great of an idea you created and how many lives are being saved with your way of doing things. That is exactly what Dr. Kim did by proving the success of his statistical and double checking approach in mammography and allowing people to see the mammogram problem in his light of thinking to prove how successful a solution he had come up with.

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