ASP source- Sam Sarlo

“The unfounded belief that polio vaccine can cause infertility has limited acceptance in the Islamic regions of Nigeria. And who are we to judge them, given the anti-vaccine superstitions endemic even in our ”sophisticated” society, where vaccination rates for toddlers hover well below 90 percent.”

-This is a quote from a letter to the editor concerning a New York Times article on the opposition of polio vaccination in Nigeria. In my last post, I used a quote that ridiculed and vilified opponents of vaccination and I expressed my feeling that they must not have the peoples’ best interest in mind, but after reading this letter, and consequently, the original article, I’m convinced that at least some of the public figures who speak out against vaccination truly believe that the vaccine causes infertility and health problems. This letter brilliantly compares the concerns of suspicious Nigerians to  those of our own countrymen, who  believe that vaccines cause problems from autism to cancer, making the Nigerian anti-vaccination sentiment seem much more understandable and less malicious. But I still wouldn’t object to vaccine crop-dusting them.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    The letter is a good wake-up call, Sam, and it certainly does make the right connection between the Nigerians’ suspicions and our own. For the record (and future reference), though you did search for it, it doesn’t exactly qualify as a research finding to quote the opinion of a person writing a letter to the editor. It might be useful in your paper to survey opinions from a variety of sources, but you’ll need to get closer to original sources when you dig into your own topic.

    Grade Recorded.


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