White Paper Polio ~ Tony Shilling

“Going forward, health specialists say that India will still be vulnerable from threat of importing the virus from neighboring countries. For instance, China, where the last indigenous polio case was recorded in 1994, had a polio case last year, which was traced to a visitor from Pakistan.”  ~Nikita Garia, The Wall Street Journal

Garia’s claim is a proposal, but not so much a proposal for intended change; instead it is a proposal for what is to come if polio is not eradicated in the Middle Eastern and Asian countries.  As for supporting the overall claim that polio must be eradicated, Garia insinuates that polio never will be absolutely gone; with India’s intense relief efforts, the risk is still there from neighboring countries.  The statistic about China does a fair job to drive this concept home, as it is a rather alarming notion that polio has suddenly occurred there for the first time in almost 20 years.

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