Saw Stop 1 revised- Aime Lonsdorf


“By agreeing not [to] employ such safer alternatives, defendant and its competitors attempted to assure that those alternatives would not become ‘state of the art,’ thereby attempting to insulate themselves from liability for placing a defective product on the market,’ Ryszard Wec claims in Cook County Court.”- Injured Man Says Bosch Tool Lobbied Feds to Keep Safer Power Saws off the Market

2. Ryszard Wec claims that because Bosh Tool is trying to keep up the pricing of its competitors, they have failed to alter their products with the latest safety mechanisms. The company is therefore placing faulty and not cutting edge products on the market.

3. It is an evaluation claim.

4. It is an evaluation claim because it clearly weighs the costs and benefits of establishing the safety devices. The costs: people such as Ryszard Wec will sue and the competition will instate these devices, loosing the edge on other companies; the benefits: it keeps prices low and in the competition.

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1 Response to Saw Stop 1 revised- Aime Lonsdorf

  1. davidbdale says:

    2. Aime, please show me where Wec makes any claim at all about the pricing of Bosch Tool’s competitors. He claims that both Bosch and its competitors colluded or conspired together to not adopt safer alternatives. That’s a very serious claim about an industry group agreeing to restrict competition. He makes a further claim that the group did so specifically to shield themselves from liability lawsuits. Their reasoning, we can deduce, was that if nobody offered SawStop, customers who bought less safe saws couldn’t sue companies for failing to provide a safer saw. In other words, Wec claims that all the saw makers, including Bosch, kept safer saws from being available to everyone, including Wec.

    4. Wec’s claim doesn’t weigh costs and benefits, but it does hint that Bosch weighed costs and benefits when it asserts that Bosch resisted safer saw technology by getting other saw makers to agree to do so as well. The only cost Wec mentions is the possible lawsuits. The only benefit he mentions is the chance to avoid those lawsuits.

    These are small points, to be sure, Aime, but arguments succeed or fail on the basis of small distinctions.

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