Saw Stop Part 2 – Jesse Samaritano

1. Manufacturers – “During a braking event, carbide teeth could be thrown through the blade opening”

This claim is categorical claim because the manufacturer is giving an example of what could go wrong with the SawStop technology. This is not a very persuasive or reasonable claim because there is no evidence of this and a small piece of shrapnel would likely do less damage than a blade coming in contact with flesh.

2. Customers- “The greatly reduced risk of injury (and the associated medical costs) more than justifies the saw’s higher price.” – Larry Okrend

This is a proposal claim. The claim is reasonable to other customers because it can easily be proven right and it is persuasive in putting the price aspect into perspective on the safety of the  users of the saws.

3.Industry Spokespeople – “Consumer choice can dictate whether this technology, and its associated potential issues and added cost, will gain widespread acceptance by consumers.”

This is a proposal claim. This claim is reasonable and persuasive because consumers should have a choice in having SafeSaw technology in there table saws, and the manufactures should offer at least one product with the technology.

4. Consumer Safety Advocates – “An average table saw equipped with an automatic safety system will deliver $753 in benefits due to reduced injuries.” – Dr. John Graham

This claim is a evaluation  claim. This is a persuasive claim because there is a clear estimate of how much money the technology  would save just by helping prevent injuries and lawsuits.

5. Injured Plaintiffs –  ”[Robert Bosch Tool Corp.] colluded with its competitors” – Injured plaintiff in Chicago.

This is an evaluation claim. The plaintiff says that Bosch Tool Corporation worked with the other table saw companies to keep SawStop technology out of all of their table saws. This is not a very persuasive claim because, yet it is agreeable, there is no evidence of this to back it up.

6. Personal Injury Lawyers – ”By agreeing not [to] employ such safer alternatives, defendant and its competitors attempted to assure that those alternatives would not become ‘state of the art,‘ thereby attempting to insulate themselves from liability for placing a defective product on the market,” Ryszard Wec claims in Cook County Court

The lawyer states that a name brand manufacturer of the saws is trying to keep the SafeSaw technology from being used in all table saws. This is a consequential claim because he is explaining that by the companies not agreeing, the technology of SawStop is not state of the art. This is not a persuasive claim because the companies are not trying to dismiss the technology, but only saying that they do not want to adapt the technology to there products.

7. Government Officials – Despite my public urging for the power tool industry to make progress voluntarily on preventing these injuries, no meaningful revisions to the voluntary standard were made– report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commssion

This is an evaluation claim.  This is a persuasive claim because it will make it more likely for power tool companies to try and make there items more safe because more people are turning against them.

8. News Reporters – “For some time now an inventor has been trying to persuade power tool makers to use a new safety device.” – NPR News’ reporter Melissa Block

This is a proposal claim. This is a reasonable claim because it is true that Steve Gass, the creator of the SawStop technology, has been trying to get big name power tool companies to use his patented SawStop technology in their products.

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