Safe Saw – Tikeena Sturdivant


“I found out that table saws cause thousands of these really horrible injuries every year. This inventor, a guy named Steve Gass, had actually figured out a way to prevent just about all of those accidents. Over the years, he’s proved that it works, too. ‘What you have is somebody who has invented a dramatic technology that seems to reduce virtually all the injuries associated with table saws,’ says Bob Adler, a commissioner at the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which was holding meetings on the issue this week.”

Chris Arnold  was curious to learn more about this technology that Steve Gass invented that would prevent more injuries from a table saw. He found it amazing that someone invented something that could stop so many “horrible injuries each year”.

Evaluation claim

The author of this article goes over the thing Steve Gass say and do to prove that his invention will work and cause less injuries. He goes from just finding out about the invention to actually learning about it and giving many details in the process.

I think the claim is accurate because the inventor tested it on his self so everyone could see it. He had enough confidence in his work to actually show the world using his own finger. I agree with the author that this invention was a great one.

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1 Response to Safe Saw – Tikeena Sturdivant

  1. davidbdale says:

    Tikeena, you start out well enough with a quote and a reasonable narrative about Chris Arnold’s interest in the material of the story described in the quote.

    Where you go wrong is in the “The author . . . in the process” paragraph. Please read “Say Something” to remind yourself of your obligation to share a meaningful claim (or several claims) in virtually every sentence. These two sentences tell us nothing at all. “goes over,” “to prove that,” “goes from,” “finding out about,” “learning about,” and “giving many details” are completely empty phrases that draw no conclusions.

    You say “the claim is accurate,” but honestly I have no idea what claim you’re evaluating, Tikeena.

    *his self

    Grade Recorded.

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