Cookie boycott–Nana Cao

This argument made by Taylor to enforce boycott on Girl Scout cookies due to the admission of a transgender boy into the organization had provide several point that target different groups of people.  She provided facts that there are cases which Girl Scout throughout America had already admitted transgender boy into the organization without letting everyone know.  She claims that the Girl Scout is not been honest and fair to their members, the leaders, parents, and the American public.  She was tough to connect and take action on what they want to change.  This action she takes to boycott Girl Scout cookies is using what they had been tough; therefore, they should not consider her action as something wrong.  Girl Scout is suppose to be an all-girls group in which girls can relate to others from their similar situations and experiences and talk about things with girls that are not talked in front of boys.  According to Taylor, family have great trust in this organization because of the situation is an all girls experience, and family believed this is a situation that is sensitive, helpful, and safe for girls to be in such environment.  This tries to targets people who are interesting in Girl Scout, because if they are not been honest to you as a member, what could be a reason to work or spend money for such an organization.

The other important point that Taylor had emphasis is regarding the safety for the girls.  The Girl Scout had required all leaders and volunteers to follow safety guidelines, especially for overnight safety.  She had question that since the rule had required adult male stuff to have separate sleeping and bathroom facilities, then where should a transgender boy that reach 18, which is consider an adult, use bathroom and sleeps at.  This is an essential point to impose parents to take action because the most important thing parents cared when child is not in sight is the child’s safety.  Therefore, such situation leave parent not willing to leave their child with possible danger, which according to Taylor, the danger she meant are the transgender boys.  Parent will be willing to participate in boycotting these cookies because if the group are no longer providing what they care for children, then why should they support the organization with money?

The girl had provided another point of which the organization does not care much about the members that are joining the Girl Scout.  They have rules that are not clearly stated the Girl Scout is for girl gender only, such as people can be admitted as long as they identifies self as girl and that the family presents them as a girl and not requiring any proof of gender.  Another example from the video is that anyone can join as long as they want, no matter what ethnicity, background, sexual orientation or gender.  In another word this had stated that boys can join the group if they wanted to.  This would take action on the members to go on boycott.  They would not have the feeling that their environment is related and comfortable enough to talk about anything. 

Her argument is strong and tries to target groups that will care about this problem she posted, but her argument could only effect on those who care about this issue.  From what she was saying she had assume that everyone agreed with her point that transgender boy is still boy.  Therefore she makes this big point on them being in Girls Scout is wrong.  On the other hand, there are a lot people who agree or had no offensive with the decision accepting transgender and would take action to support Girls Scout by buying cookies.  I believe that she would not be too successful on the movement to boycott Cookies because as some people, those who care about this issue, take action to boycott, there are so many others that will support Girl Scout.

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    Grade Recorded.
    We can talk about the specifics at our conference, Nana.

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