Invention of Money- Tabitha Corrao

The story of the people of Yap is a very intriguing story about money and how different people have different concepts of money but are these concepts truly different. While reading and listening to the different stories I began to realize how Yap’s concepts of money are closely related to the concepts of Americans. Like the people of Yap, people of America exchange some sort of currency to do business. For example, Americans write out checks and provide those checks to other people they are doing business with. On the other hand, the people of Yap exchange their ownership of a huge rock to do business. Both the checks and rocks are strongly linked to each other because they are a form of currency people trade to do business. Currency never changes just the owner.

In my honest opinion I believe that money is a way of keeping score.  The harder you work the more points you are likely to get.

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1 Response to Invention of Money- Tabitha Corrao

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thank you, Tabitha, for posting early and giving me an opportunity to interact with you before the deadline. As I commented to Jesse Samaritano earlier, you may take advantage of my notes to revise your post if you wish, or you may elect to let your first effort stand. The choice is yours. Read my comments to Jesse if you’re interested in the two ways to revise.

    What I will say next may sound severe or even hurtful for which I apologize in advance, but I only mean it to be helpful, if blunt. Your comment as it stands means almost nothing. If you give me a chance, I will help you develop your ideas on this topic so that you have more to say, but for that, I’ll need your cooperation and a bit of trust.

    I numbered your sentences so I could refer to them more easily.

    1. Yap’s currency might be like other currencies.
    2. Yap’s currency “is related to” American currency.
    3. Both cultures use currency.
    4. Americans currency is checks.
    5. Yap currency is rocks.
    6. Checks and rocks are currency.
    7. Currency never changes just the owner.

    I realize I didn’t give you much guidance about what I hoped you would write, Tabitha, but this does not sufficiently reflect your insights into the source materials. Please spend some time with your classmates’ entries and my comments to them and gather what you can from that experience about how to revise your first draft. It’s still your call, but I’d recommend it.


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