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White Paper-oaktree

Working Hypothesis 1: Students who overcame more obstacles in high school are more likely to excel in the workforce Working Hypothesis 2: Public high school students are more likely to succeed later in life opposed to private high school students. … Continue reading

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White Paper-runnerd4

Working Hypothesis 1b Increasing the speed limit on long, straight sections of all major U.S. highways would substantially decrease the number of accidents. 1c. Implementing gps speed limiting would substantially decrease the number of accidents in all areas of the … Continue reading

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White Paper-biggarz

Hypothesis: Minimum wage in the U.S should not be raised because of the negative impact it would have on the economy. Brown, Charles; Gilroy, Curtis; and Kohen, Andrew. “The Effect of the Minimum Wage on Employment and Unemployment.” Journal … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric Argument

0:01- Setting is at a outdoor party seems like it could be a work party or some sort. A man is standing with a glass of alcohol next to a woman without alcohol. Both are smiling like they want to … Continue reading

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White Paper- doorknob9

Jared Goff is the worst NFC West quarterback to ever make it to the Super Bowl. Jared Goff is the worst post season quarterback to have a bye week in both post season appearances. I’m trying to prove that Jared … Continue reading

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White paper-Wazoo

Working hypothesis #1: Paying college athletes would help colleges give more academic scholarships and have athletes focus more on their sport. Working hypothesis #2: scholarships are worth near nothing to athletes and they should get paid as well. Im trying … Continue reading

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White Paper-nousernamefound1

Enrollment in students that want to further their education after high school will decrease if schools don’t lower the tuition. Colleges need to stop hiring staff and focus on the inner circle. Kids are becoming more unlucky when relying on … Continue reading

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White Paper- pomegranate

1a. There are so many mattress stores, but never anyone inside, proving it to be one big money laundering scam, there is no way there is such high demand for mattresses. 1b. There have been many cases of money laundering … Continue reading

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White Paper-chavanillo

Hypothesis 1 Why teen this day she shoes as if it was gold or money? Hypothesis 1aWhy tees this day are so obsessed with sneakers? Purposeful Summary:TEENAGE BOYS ARE OBSESSED WITH SNEAKERS It seems counterintuitive that teens these days are obsessed … Continue reading

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White Paper: Nina

Hypothesis: The diagnosis of a short term- terminal disease sets the age clock in children higher than the age clock in other children and adults not affected by a terminal disease. Article 1: Child euthanasia should be allowed by Luke … Continue reading

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