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Visual Rhetoric- MysteryLimbo

0:00-0:01 Three Disney characters Donald Duck, Sora (Kingdom Hearts), and Goofy are forming a circle putting their hands all towards the area in the middle like professional sports teams do before a big game. The three of them look at … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- Jets1313

0:00 shows a well lit convenient store named Jiffy during nighttime which seems to have no customers outside or in the store. large half lit clown sign outside in the front of the stores parking lot holding a circular sign … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- doorknob9

0:00-0:01- The video kicks off with the word “Saturday” in white font and the time 2:51PM in orange font, both on a black background. No music is playing, it’s just a quiet scene. 0:02-0:04- An African-American man, who looks to be … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- yourfavoriteanon

WWE’s Titus O’Neil|Fatherhood Involvement|Ad Council 0:00-0:03  An African American male, bald with a short trimmed beard , wearing a purple button up is seen turning up the volume on a grey boombox and then pouring ice from a clear ice … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric-rowanstudent

0:01 The ad starts with an Asian man maybe 20-25 years old. He is on his phone sitting on a couch. The phone is an iPhone 6 which means the ad is recent, maybe made a few years back. This can … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric–G90

0:01 we see a girl building a contraption. Will it work? She puts it together very quickly like she’s done this before and this is just another improvement to a previously made invention. 0:03 We see her at the top … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric Argument

0:01- Setting is at a outdoor party seems like it could be a work party or some sort. A man is standing with a glass of alcohol next to a woman without alcohol. Both are smiling like they want to … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric–Daphneblake

The Signs | Friendship & Mental Health | Ad Council 0:00 The initial image on the screen is some sort of small animal, appearing to be a possum on a branch. It seems to be just for decoration. The owners … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- HazelnutLatte

0:01- The scene opens up on a modern home living room, showing a women who seems to be wearing a robe, and 2 dogs. The robe indicates that she has probably just woken up, which leads us to believe that … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric–nugget

0:03-0:04 The scene switches to a view of three women standing in front of a white arch. One women is in a suit and the other women is in a wedding dress. The two women are stood across from each … Continue reading

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