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Stone Money- MysteryLimbo

Although the article “The Island of Stone Money” provided useful information about the origin of money and how we evolved into the monetary system that is today. I am very skeptical as to why this is relevant in today’s society. … Continue reading

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Stone Money-rowanstudent

Money Deception Money is a synthetic concept that holds no value. It’s an abstract idea that we as people made and put worth to. Prior to our creation of this concept, the world ran smoothly. Ever since currency came into … Continue reading

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Stone Money– G90

Needs a Title What is Money? In any society there is a need for currency for the trading of goods. Whether it is a large stone, gold, silver, electronic currency, or a paper currency there has always been a currency. … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Chavanillo
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Stone Money- yourfavoriteanon

How Much do you Believe in Money? My main goal in life is to land a well-paying job and love what I do. Money is definitely something I care about and would want to make a lot of for my … Continue reading

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Stone Money- pomegranate

Where Did The Money Go? What really is “Stone Money?” After hearing the term, I was confused and questioned what it actually was. I pictured a literal stone. I pictured someone breaking down a huge rock and making it into … Continue reading

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Stone Money–Daphne Blake

Currency Clashes The dollar bill was never valuable, but it assures the promise of valuable things so it’s worth something. If you want an XBox that cost $300, the only reason you want the $300 is to receive the XBox. … Continue reading

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