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Open Strong-rowanstudent

By definition, a placebo is “a harmless pill, medicine, or procedure prescribed more for the psychological benefit to the patient than for any psychological effect.” While a placebo is used to create a mental state that does in fact promote … Continue reading

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Strong Opening: Nina

While patients with clinical depression or other mental disorders cannot be expected to make a rational request for assisted euthanization , individuals including children suffering from terminal diseases with no known cure are offered the option to be euthanized by … Continue reading

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Open Strong-nousernamefound1

Increasing tuition and decreasing state funding is becoming a trend by every school in the United States. You will never see the cost of attending a 4-year college go down. In fact, tuition either rises throughout the 4 years a … Continue reading

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Open Strong–Daphne Blake

The only way to make drinking something bland like water both enjoyable and convenient is to make the straw edible. Not only will it reduce pollution and plastic waste, it will have everyone looking forward to drinking. The cost and … Continue reading

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Open Strong-Chavanillo

Obsession is a big issue these days, causing violence, especially when it has to do with sneakers. If you calculate 1200 people each day die of sneaker obsession. Teens see sneakers as if it was gold. This reason is the … Continue reading

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Open Strong- yourfavoriteanon

Life throws nutty experiences your way all your life and how you bounce back is what defines you. Deciding how to deal with your problems or finding an outlet is key for mental human’s mental health. Video games are a … Continue reading

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Strong Opening- pomegranate

Driving down the street, you look to the left, and you see a Mattress Firm. You drive a few hundred feet down the road, look to the right and see another Mattress Firm. You do a double take because you … Continue reading

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Open Strong- HazelnutLatte

Mental illness can be small and undetectable, or major and distressful, but either way it not only takes over a person’s brain, but their entire life. This is exactly what happened to Andrea Yates when she was convicted of murdering … Continue reading

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Task for WED MAR 13

You’ll find links to the background material for this task on the Agenda for WED MAR 06. Based on sample Openings provided in the Lecture titled “How to Open Lecture/Demo,” write two different opening paragraphs for your Research Position Paper, based … Continue reading

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