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biggarz-Definition essay

It seems counterintuitive that many people talk about minimum wage and their pay. However, do they actually know what they are talking about. Minimum wage has been around for decades fluctuating at different prices over the years, but it has … Continue reading

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Definition Essay: Nina

Distinguishing Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide When speaking of incurable diseases and the suffering of patients with mental disorders, two options are made available. The first being euthanasia, the second being physician assisted suicide. Euthanasia is a method of the … Continue reading

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Definition- MysteryLimbo

Definition Argument Harsh imprisonment specifically for “petty crimes” causes voter suppression and racial injustice. Petty crimes are usually things like possession of marijuana or even small traces of crack or heroin on clothing could land someone a sentence without parole. … Continue reading

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Definition Essay- NYAJ32

What Classifies Someone as Being Hall of Fame Worthy? Many people believe that the Hall of fame is only for people who did not use Performance enhancing drugs and people that were all natural all the way throughout their career. … Continue reading

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Who Really Benefits? This modern world is full of life-threatening illnesses and hopeless cures. Yet, there are methods to improve the quality of living, and straying away from bad health. Everyone is different. If you look at health as a … Continue reading

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Definition Argument– G90

How shall we battle income inequality? According to Emmanuel Saez, of UC Berkeley, The top .1% took in as much as 188 times as the bottom 99%. This is a ghastly statistic that almost seems unbelievable. A large part of … Continue reading

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Definition- yourfavoriteanon

The Video Game Experience When I was little, video games were becoming more and more popular in society. Of course, my parents and many other adults would tell us about how much of a waste of time they were or … Continue reading

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