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Think of the first reaction you’ll have when and if the government decides to raise the minimum wage. One could just picture it, blue skies, all smiles, and not a worry in the world. Well, not quite. More like unemployment … Continue reading

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Causal- MysteryLimbo

Incarceration and prison sentencing date back to ancient civilizations to keep murderers or war prisoners in work camps, prisons, or even receive the death penalty. Although most forms of previous incarceration/confinement methods are now immoral. The Soviet Union was known … Continue reading

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Casual Argument-Jets1313

The Unjust Justice System As many people know, the criminal justice system is not always fair, considering that everyone is supposed to have the same rights when it comes to the law. However, I believe that one major problem with … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- NYAJ32

Players Using PED’s in the 60’s and 70’s are Why Players in the Modern Era Who Use Steroids are Banned from Baseball Many players used some type of PEDs in the 60s and 70s. It was a very common thing … Continue reading

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Causal Argument–Daphne Blake

Polluting the Ocean Pollutes the Economy The first image that enters the mind at the thought of the phrase “ocean pollution” probably isn’t a destroyed economy, but that’s exactly what the result will be. Everyday, millions of people litter the … Continue reading

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Causal Argument—nousernamefound1

High Cost of attending college  The prohibitively high cost of attending college is causing enrollment to drop. It’s not just 4-year colleges that are showing drops in enrollment. Community colleges have been in a drought for almost 10 years now. … Continue reading

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Casual Argument– G90

Income Inequality, Marxian Economics, and a UBI When we look to combat income inequality and unemployment with essentially giving people free money we can see the lunacy that comes from that surface explanation. How can just giving people money fix … Continue reading

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Sneakers that is part of the fashion in the world are a trend issue! Fashion these days have been one of the most trended companies is the world. Specially sneakers. You know that almost every thing that comes with obsession theirs … Continue reading

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Causal Essay: Nina

When we speak on mental illnesses and strategies to either cope or help an individual, usually appointments of therapy treatments and medications are one of the very first thoughts. Hospital patients who are diagnosed as clinically depressed or extreme levels … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- pomegranate

The Ethical Issues Regarding Mattress Stores and Money Laundering The terms, “money laundering” and “mattress stores” don’t necessarily spark an interest for readers. However, once the meanings are explained and it is clear how they go hand in hand, it … Continue reading

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