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Pollution Should Never be the Price of Prosperity The Webster definition of ocean pollution is, “the presence in or introduction into the ocean of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects”, but the damage it does to … Continue reading

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A Corrupt System Athletes all around the country train their whole lives for the chance to play at the division 1 level. These athletes have little interest in school and train because of their love for their respective sport. The … Continue reading

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Furthering Students Education Matters The prohibitively High Cost of attending college is CAUSING enrollment to drop. It’s not just 4-year colleges that are showing drops in enrollment. Community colleges have been in a drought for almost 10 years now. The … Continue reading

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The Unjust Criminal Justice System Socio-economic status, high profile lawyers, the media and an unbalanced criminal justice system are are all inter-related. One of the many factors which has an impact on the criminal justice system is the societal and … Continue reading

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Growing Up Through Video Games When I was little, video games were becoming more and more popular in society. Of course, my parents and many other adults would tell us about how much of a waste of time they were … Continue reading

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Loyal fans, and those followers that may stay true to a team for no apparent reason, will often support their quarterback under any circumstances. Painting one’s face blue and cheering shirtless in 20 degree weather is quite a noble act. … Continue reading

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Teens Obsession With Sneakers! The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This trend is led by footwear companies. Footwear has become an increasingly obsessive. The increasing social dependence on social media and blogging; the … Continue reading

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