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Hypothesis Feedback

About half of you (maybe more!) should be asking for Feedback Please regarding your “My Hypothesis” posts. (I took another look. Almost all of you should be asking for feedback on your Hypothesis posts.) I love you. I want what’s … Continue reading

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How to Post to the Blog

It occurred to me while I was waiting for my instructional video to be processed at Canvas, that I could also post it here.

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Practice Opening—davidbdale

Children are the saddest casualties, and too often the most vulnerable. As recently as 2014, in the latest catastrophe to spin out of the death fest in Syria, the local polio outbreak spread to Iraq. Despite what the New York Times called “an … Continue reading

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Why Does the Universe Exist?

DANIELLE GALLO: The reason that the universe exists is because the entity that created the universe wanted plastic, but did not have the means to make plastic. Although we are unsure what the entity wanted the plastic for, it is … Continue reading

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Portfolio Verification Day

WED MAY 01 We’ll be double-checking your Portfolio for completeness and compliance on the last day of class, WED MAY 01. Consider it your Final Exam, essential to passing the course. Once we’ve verified your Portfolio complete, I’ll confirm your … Continue reading

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Course Evaluations

Please help the Writing Arts Department determine my fitness for instruction by completing a brief evaluation of your experiences in this course. Without identifying who, the administration has informed me that three students from this course so far have completed … Continue reading

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Counterintuitive Predictions

Counterintuitive Predictions 1. True or False. What occurs in the world is not always reasonable, logical, or right. Even so, it might be true. You’ll decide whether the Premises below are True or False. 2. Reasonable or Unreasonable. People act for reasons … Continue reading

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Why the Challenger Exploded

Why Challenger Exploded In January, 1986, the solid booster rockets that were to launch NASA’s space shuttle Challenger into orbit suffered a catastrophic failure 73 seconds into the launch. All seven crew were killed in the disaster, most likely from … Continue reading

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Task for WED MAR 13

You’ll find links to the background material for this task on the Agenda for WED MAR 06. Based on sample Openings provided in the Lecture titled “How to Open Lecture/Demo,” write two different opening paragraphs for your Research Position Paper, based … Continue reading

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Why We Blog

Before You Post to Safer Saws We blog to learn from one another. This course is conducted “in public” as it were to benefit every student with the opportunity to view, analyze, appreciate, learn from, even emulate the work of … Continue reading

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