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Hypothesis Feedback

About half of you (maybe more!) should be asking for Feedback Please regarding your “My Hypothesis” posts. (I took another look. Almost all of you should be asking for feedback on your Hypothesis posts.) I love you. I want what’s … Continue reading

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How to Post to the Blog

It occurred to me while I was waiting for my instructional video to be processed at Canvas, that I could also post it here.

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Practice Opening—davidbdale

Children are the saddest casualties, and too often the most vulnerable. As recently as 2014, in the latest catastrophe to spin out of the death fest in Syria, the local polio outbreak spread to Iraq. Despite what the New York Times called “an … Continue reading

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Why Does the Universe Exist?

DANIELLE GALLO: The reason that the universe exists is because the entity that created the universe wanted plastic, but did not have the means to make plastic. Although we are unsure what the entity wanted the plastic for, it is … Continue reading

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Research- MysteryLimbo

Prisoners Are People Too Felons in the United States have second class citizenship. Becoming a felon in the United States makes one a second class citizen. Second class citizens do not have the same rights as the average American such … Continue reading

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Open Strong-rowanstudent

By definition, a placebo is “a harmless pill, medicine, or procedure prescribed more for the psychological benefit to the patient than for any psychological effect.” While a placebo is used to create a mental state that does in fact promote … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography- doorknob9

Stine, Carl. (2012, April 1). 50 Top College Football Quarterbacks Who Didn’t Pan out as Pros. Retrieved from Background: This source listed the top 50 college quarterbacks that didn’t pan out to be as good as they were in the NFL. … Continue reading

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Core Value 1. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development. I just want to thank my classmates and Professor Hodges for helping me improve … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography- MysteryLimbo

1.Hess, A. (2018, November 12). California is paying inmates $1 an hour to fight wildfires. Retrieved from Background: This article is about how California is paying inmates $1 an hour to fight wildfires. Abigail Hess goes into depth on … Continue reading

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biggarz-self reflection

Core Value I: Understand that writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive, and social process. (In particular, students should address how they have engaged in self-directed revision.) This was beaten into my brain not only this year but … Continue reading

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