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Grammar Exercise – Mhmokaysure

If primary caretakers have a negative attitude toward their child it increases the risk that their child will grow up hostile towards others. And it’s not just aggression toward others that results from child abuse, a large amount of children … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – Mhmokaysure

Gass“Within a few thousandths of a second, the blade slammed to a stop.” This is a quantitative claim as the Gass, the manufacturer, is using data collected in testing to describe the speed with which the product he has created … Continue reading

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Open Strong – Mhmokaysure

Let’s be honest, taking the driver’s test in New Jersey is incredibly easy, requiring very little to none skill in order to receive one’s license. The requirements are substandard even by the already low ranking difficulty of driver’s tests in … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric – Mhmokaysure

0:00 – 0:03 The video begins with the scene taking place in a dark hallway of a seemingly normal house. The light in the hallway is turned off, making it so that only the silhouette of a person is seen. … Continue reading

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Needs a Title When leaving the house to drive somewhere, one expects to come back safely. In fact, driving is a task with two goals, to arrive at one’s destination safely, followed by returning to the point of origin. This … Continue reading

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White Paper – mhmokaysure

Working Hypothesis Due to lack of cerebral development, the minimum driving age should be raised to the age of 21 nationwide in order to reduce the dangers novice drivers present to those with whom they share roads. Affective and deliberative … Continue reading

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Claims – mhmokaysure

I asked the lead scientist, Marinus van IJzendoorn of Leiden University, what might account for other studies’ finding of secondary trauma in vets’ spouses or kids. He said he’s never analyzed those studies, and wonders if the results would hold … Continue reading

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Stone Money – mhmookaysure

Cash or Trash? “Money makes the world go round” is something we’ve all heard before. When speaking of value, the primary assumption made is how much money something is worth, or what is its monetary value. What turns this question … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis -mhmokaysure

Age of receiving one’s driver’s license. The age minimum to receive a driver’s license varies per state.  Driving requires experience, skill, as well as critical decision making in order to travel safely, and even then there are variables out of … Continue reading

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Summaries – mhmokaysure

It seems counterintuitive that a major cities solution to a drug problem involves safe injection sites, as well as the highest quality drugs for free, however that is exactly what is happening in Vancouver. Instead of trying to rid the … Continue reading

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