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Stone Money – mhmookaysure

Cash or Trash? “Money makes the world go round” is something we’ve all heard before. When speaking of value, the primary assumption made is how much money something is worth, or what is its monetary value. What turns this question … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis -mhmokaysure

Age of receiving one’s driver’s license. The age minimum to receive a driver’s license varies per state.  Driving requires experience, skill, as well as critical decision making in order to travel safely, and even then there are variables out of … Continue reading

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Summaries – mhmokaysure

It seems counterintuitive that a major cities solution to a drug problem involves safe injection sites, as well as the highest quality drugs for free, however that is exactly what is happening in Vancouver. Instead of trying to rid the … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – mhmokaysure

The spread of Polio in Nigeria stems from a far deeper issue; the government’s distrust by its own people. Ranked by Transparency International as one of the most corrupt nations in the world, there is undoubtedly a disconnect between the … Continue reading

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