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Clean Girls Get Sicker?

It seems counterintuitive to let children roll around in the dirt to ensure that they’re in good health, but research shows that children who are introduced to more germs as an infant are less likely to get allergies, asthma, or autoimmune disorders.

Now there is something known as the hygiene hypothesis, which states that little girls are expected to be cleaner than young boys. Boys are encouraged to go outside and play while girls are much less likely to play outdoors. This could explain why women are more likely to develop asthma and allergies than men.

That being said, allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disorders are increasing for both sexes across the North and West. If the hygiene hypothesis is correct, we are decreasing our exposure to germs as a whole.

It needs to be pointed out that even though we have learned so much about how we interact with bacteria, there is still so much we need to learn about the complexity of germs and how we are effected by them, for better or for worse.

Free Heroine to Battle Addiction

It would seem counterintuitive that addicts are being given free heroine, but Vancouver has been using this as a technique to control its heroine problem.

Drugs are smuggled into the city off of its ports, and is particularly popular in a part of Vancouver called “Downtown Eastside”. In an effort to tackle this problem, city officials have a safe zone call Insite where addicts are monitored by medical staff.

This safe zone is only offered to a handful of the worst addicts in Vancouver. Before Insite was put into effect, researchers were giving addicts alternative drugs as a way to treat heroine. This method worked from some, but those who were still struggling to kick their heroine habit now have it practically prescribed to them. Doctors call this ‘harm reduction’, saying that in a controlled environment they won’t be put in the desperate situations addicts often find themselves in.

Some see this as a form of blackmail, pointing out that someone could claim they need more heroine and threaten to rob someone or break into a car if they don’t get it. People that work at rehabilitation centers in Vancouver reject this idea of a safe zone, saying that the city is killing these people more comfortably.

Gun Regulation

It seems counterintuitive that a mentally unstable person is rejected from school, but is able to purchase a gun and ammunition with no questions asked. Anything that could cause harm to people is steadily monitored and tested, ensuring its safety. But it is not as much of a cautious process when it comes to buying a gun.

With more people dying from shootings, more people are buying guns to protect themselves. There is evidence that disproves that this puts more people in danger.

States with more gun owners have higher suicide and murder rates simply because the weapon is already in the home. With the increase of guns in the home, children in America die from gun wounds than children in third-world countries.

To deal with this, it’s suggested that the government should restrict how many guns someone can purchase in a short period of time, which would reduce the number of gun purchases and gun trafficking. Other countries have taken more action in limiting gun purchases and have seen a significant decrease in firearm suicides and homicide rates.

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