Proposals 5 Sources – Ashley Petit de Mange

For my research paper I will be examining if a bad economy can actually result in a decrease of the number of couples getting a divorce.  Many people may think that living in a recession would stir up such numerous fights between spouses about money, that they would finally agree to just call it quits and get a divorce.  That is not necessarily the case though.  There have been many couples who have reported that the recession has infact deepened their commitment to their marriage.  On the other hand, the fighting and stress over financial status has shown to be too much and such couples decided divorce is the only solution.  It is well-known that going through a divorce is quite expensive.   Divorce is a very long and intense process which is why lawyers and other divorce-industry professionals are hired to ensure that it is done correctly.  In an attempt to follow through with a less costly divorce, some couples have turned DIY divorces, in which cheaper alternatives to lawyers, divorce kits and other methods are commonly utilized.  Although the DIY divorce is much more cost effective, it leaves many couples with unworkable or unfair contracts which they had agreed to because they did not fully understand all the legal and financial implications.  In times of economic toubles, many married couples have found that having such finianial problems have left them with no choice but to stay together. At first, this may seem like a death sentence, a couple having to stay and live together who frequently disagree and experience great financial problems.  However, overall, people who are married and stay married build tremendously more wealth than single people.  To support my proposal I will find more research and studies that show how the recession has affected the a decrease in divorce rates.

1.) DIY Divorce
Background: This article discusses a cheaper alternative to usual divorce processes. There are several services and companies who provide cheaper options to couples such as mediators and divorce kits.  This means that couples will most likely be using self-representaiton which could lead to disaster as many people do not fully understand the financial and legal aspects of agreements they have signed.

How I intend to use it: This shows how even the cheapest of options of getting a divorce is still very unstable and may cause a couple to decided against following through with it all together.

2.) Economy and Divorce
Background: This article shows data that with a gradual increase in the United States economy, an increase in divorce rates has occured as well.  Some divorce lawyers have claimed that their business in their firms have increased by 20%-25%.  A gain in the national economy leads to things like banks lending money again and improving the stock market which has nearly doubled.

How I intend to use it: I will show how several effects of an increase in national economy in turn, allow people to more comfortablly get a divorce and are more likely to be able pay all the costs and fees which go with it.

3.) Recession’s Silver Lining
Background: This source provides several sets of data relating divorce rates to the bad economy.  It states that even with the tremendous amount of financial stress brought on by a recession, a surprising amount of Americans reported positive marital benefits.

How I intend to use it: This data shows that couple who did not get divorced, commonly due to lack of finances, actually end up staying together resulting in a better marriage.

4.) Marriage as a Business
Background: This article dicusses how marriage in today’s world is not just a romantic arrangement, but rather a legal and financial agreement as well.

How I intend to use it: I will use this information to show how money plays a bigger part in marriage and divorce than many realize.  Therefore, just like other businesses in our country, the status of the economy greatly effects the status of divorces.

5.) Past Recessions 
Background: This article discusses how a decrease in divorce during recessions has actually shown to be a trend.  In fact, divorce rates decreased during the most recent depression, the 1990-1991 recession, as well as the Great Depression.

How I intend to use it: I will show how even with past recessions, the claim has held true.  During times of economic hardships, couples are more likely to stay together.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    A considerably better choice than your first, Ashley. I’m glad you made the switch.
    Grade Recorded.

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